Aloha for Now

On Wednesday I decided it was a good time to spruce some things up and I did the unthinkable–I cut off my hair. I’m kind of particular about my hair; I’ve always lusted for long hair and it takes an unusually long time for my hair to grow and the idea of cutting it was crazy to me. 2 years ago my brother and I both donated 11+ inches a piece to Locks of Love and I felt like it had barely grown back in all that time, even though it had. But not very much. But then I was thinking about how mostly I just end up putting my hair up, how it’s really damaged on the ends from coloring, how it’s such a pain when it gets all tangled and wet, how I have to empty the shower drain every freakin’ week because my hair was EVERYWHERE. So I thought, what the hell. It’s hair. It’ll grow back eventually and in the meantime might as well do something fresh and fun with it. So I did!

(go Broncos)
(go Broncos)

It’s not really styled or anything at the moment and one side is kind of flat because I was taking a nap before I took this picture, but you get the idea. I think it’s really cute. Better Half likes it too, which I was worried about because he loved my long hair. Plus, it’ll be great for Hawaii. Easy to take care of, no fuss no muss, and no big deal if it gets wet. Cooler too.

Speaking of Hawaii, we are in serious countdown mode right now. Our flight departs early early Tuesday morning. Tomorrow we are finishing up the final packing and getting everything ready for the lovely friend of mine who is going to drop by to check on the kitties while we are gone. Both of us have to work on Monday unfortunately so with any luck everything will be ready to go and we’ll be leaving as soon as I am off work. We are going to my parent’s house on Monday night since they are taking care of the dog and they live 20 minutes from the airport. My dad will drop us off on Tuesday morning and we’ll be on our way!

Of course, wouldn’t be a 3-week trip without some minor crises. On Christmas, we ordered a really nice camera to take to Hawaii with us. We ordered it through the military distribution site so my mom was the point of contact for it (since I don’t actually have shopping privileges on the website) and she said that she saw it had shipped a week ago. Well, it still hadn’t arrived today, and then I realized that my bank account still hadn’t been charged for it. Something was up. So my mom called customer service to figure it out and they said they couldn’t even find the order at all–so for whatever reason, it was cancelled or never processed or whatever, but that pretty much left us up shit creek as far as having the camera goes, especially since we don’t exactly have a Target or a Best Buy on every corner up here. So I jumped on as I remembered seeing the exact same camera for the exact same price in Greeley on Tuesday with my friend Kyle, and called to see if they could put one aside to be picked up tomorrow on our way down to my parent’s house. Well, even though their website said it was in stock, they didn’t have any. Nobody in the metro area had them in stock. Luckily, Best Buy did. The store near my parents had it in stock and I was able to purchase it and arrange to have it picked up on Monday. Phew. Same price, same camera, so, I’m so grateful that it got worked out. Obviously I’d prefer to just have it, but now at least I’ll be able to play with it and read the manual on the plane.

This will probably be my last post until we get back from Hawaii at the end of the month. I am not bringing my laptop with me so I’ll save all our spectacular pictures and stories for a set of posts after we get back.

Till then! Aloha!

Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

I was in bed watching The Return of the King and falling asleep intermittently. Hubby was sleeping beside me already. I dropped off and woke up at a text message from a friend (as the Gates of Mordor opened) and noted that it was 12:07. Just missed it. Ah well. Happy New Year anyway!