15 Weeks


Baby is about the size of an apple!
Baby is about the size of an apple!

Happenings at High Elevation

It’s finally spring in Estes Park!

We kicked off the beginning of the season with a visit from Cameron’s dad, Bruce, who came from North Carolina to build us a deck. It looks amazing. I’m so happy with it, thank you thank you thank you Bruce for coming and doing that for us. (For the record, it was a wedding gift!)

From above, before they finished putting the railings and the stairs on.

Brody was a great helper.

We FINALLY have some space outside to store things.

On the book front, I feel like I might finally be making some headway, I hope anyway. I sent off some new material to my editor yesterday which feels more stressful to me than it should. I guess there’s always that terrible fear that she’s going to hate everything I send. Good thing I have Sherlock to help give input on new scenes:

Other happenings:

Mt. Meeker & Longs Peak…still lots of snow up there!

Alpaca at a street fair in Boulder

Oh…and this….

I can’t explain what happened when I took this picture. It was like for the first time I finally felt that “wonder” of being pregnant. Up until now I had kind of been feeling…I hate to use the word indifferent, but that’s what it felt like. The belly felt like fat, I didn’t feel a connection to this thing that is supposedly in there, and I was just beginning to feel frustrated that this pregnancy so far seemed…boring. So maybe it was that I needed a change in perspective rather than just looking down at this bulge from above that just looked like too many donuts to me. But for the first time I finally felt actually, legitimately pregnant. It was an awesome feeling.

What’s In There?

So I decided not to do a weekly update this week, because personally I’m finding them a bit tedious since not much is going on this week. Also I am overthinking things and confusing myself on when to post each week’s update/how many weeks am I actually? Fugheddaboutit, doesn’t matter. Instead I thought I’d go through a list of fun wives’ tales regarding gender, since we will be getting our gender scan in about 6 weeks or so.

Let me remind you of my family’s propensity for boys, first off. 75 years with no girls on my dad’s side of the family. 75 years! And it’s been 16 or so since the last one–there are only 2 girls right now. Not quite as long (6 or 7 years I think) since the last girl born on my mom’s side, but still, we are definitely in the vast minority all around.

The Chinese gender chart says it will be a girl.

Here are some other popular gender predictors:

Heartbeat: If the baby’s heartbeat is above 140, girl. Below 140, boy. Both times we heard it on the doppler, it was WAY above 140, right around 165-170. (That was around 10-11 weeks.) This one says girl.

Craving sweet things: If you’re craving sweets, break out the pink. Salties/Savories, it’s a boy. I have always been a craver of sweets, but not lately. Though I haven’t been having specific cravings yet, I have definitely not been so much at the sweets of late. This one suggests boy.

Acne: If you have bad skin issues, it’s suggested that it is a girl because of the extra hormones. I have always had pretty clear skin, but lately I have been having breakouts not just on my face but my chest too (woohoo!). This one indicates girl.

Sleeping position: This one says if you prefer to sleep on your left side, it’s a boy, and on the right, it’s a girl. I have definitely been preferring the left side lately. Boy.

Morning sickness: Hugging the toilet a lot, it’s a girl. Free and clear, boy. I haven’t thrown up once. Pretty sure that’s a boy indicator. (Though I know of several women who had girls who also had zero morning sickness.)

Tummy position/carrying high or low: This one might be a little early to tell, but the belly I have suddenly adopted is pretty much front and center and low, perhaps foretelling a boy.

Even/Odd: This is an interesting one. Apparently a Mayan myth says that if you add together the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception, the result will tell you the gender: if it is an odd number, it’s a boy, and if it’s an even number, it’s a girl. Mine came out to an odd number, suggesting a boy.

Headaches: Lots of headaches foretells a boy. I have always had pretty severe headaches, but to be honest they really haven’t bothered me much of late. A sign for a girl, maybe?

Dry hands: This one suggests if your hands are constantly dry, you are having a boy. I don’t know if this one is fair simply by environment, since we live in the mountains of Colorado and it’s so dry here trees literally suck up puddles off the ground (okay maybe not quite that bad, but you get the idea.) That being said, my feet have been unusually dry of late, to the point that they are scratching the sheets at night. Ew. This one points toward a boy.

Names: Another interesting one. It says that if you and your partner can only agree on one genders’ worth of names, you will have that gender of child. For the longest time Cameron and I had an exhaustive list of boys’ names and could never agree on a single girl’s name. This is still true as we have several boys’ names picked out (though we know which one it will be for the first boy, the others we will save for subsequent boys if we have them), but we have only been able to decide on one girl’s name. So I guess according to this myth, we’re having a boy.

Intuition: Ahh, the big one. Apparently moms can correctly predict the gender of the child 71% of the time. To be honest I haven’t really had strong feelings one way or the other. For years I knew I’d have boys, just because everyone in my family does. I wanted boys too, because I thought I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl! I always had boys in the family, always hung out with boys, girls scared the crap out of me. Then I started thinking about how nice it would be have a girl. It would be so fun to play dress up and tea parties and all that yadda yadda. And isn’t it time for a girl? We need more of them in this family damnit! As soon as I got that positive test, I thought, it’s gonna be a girl because it’s finally time for one. And lately I have been thinking an awful lot about the girl’s name we have picked out. It seems to be constantly at the back of my head. So I guess that counts as an intuitive pointer for a girl.

So, what do these wives’ tales suggest?
Girl: 5
Boy: 7

So, maybe leaning a little more toward boy right now. I do want to try a couple of the other “indicator” tests like the key test or the pendant test. Obviously there’s no real science to any of these, but it is fun to guess what we’re having especially since I do want a girl and Cameron really wants a boy, so it’s fun to annoy each other with little facts we find. What are some wives’ tales you heard when you were pregnant? Did any of them come true?

Week 11

This post brought to you by hormone overload.

How Far Along: 11 Weeks, 29 to go!

Size of baby: Baby is about the size of a lime. Getting big now!

Weight Gain/Loss: Still no weight gain. I have about a 4 pound range that I bounce between and still have yet to go beyond the top end of that range.

Body Changes: Major pooch-age. I’m officially to that place where, despite gaining no weight yet, I am definitely not fitting into my normal clothes properly. And that’s frustrating because I’m still not big enough for maternity clothes (except for some stretchy pants) but I am seriously running out of pants that fit. It’s additionally frustrating because I don’t have any additional weight to feel “justified” in that. I mean, doesn’t it make sense that more weight = not fitting into clothes as well? So where is all this extra body coming from if I don’t have any extra weight? ARG. Plus, I don’t “look” pregnant, I just look chubby, and that’s very demoralizing. Each morning is a challenge to not end up feeling completely disgusting. Today I changed clothes at least 4 times. Sigh. Okay, rant over…

Gender: Dunno yet! 

Movement: Nothing yet!

Sleep: I don’t think I’ve slept through the night in a while now. I wake up at least once to pee, and then it takes me forever to get back to sleep. I can still sleep just about any way I want, but sleeping on my side is not very comfortable anymore because my boobs hurt SO BAD at night. It is miserable.

What I miss: This week I am missing feeling…good. Between random bouts of feeling totally lousy physically and the roller coaster of emotions that never seems to slow down, things are frustrating. I know you are supposed to start feeling better all around during the second trimester and I really hope that’s true because it’s been such a downer the last few weeks and I don’t like it.

Cravings: Still nothing.

Aversions: Nothing in particular. The tomato thing seems to have passed, or at least for cooked tomatoes. We had spaghetti and pizza this week and it was fine.

Symptoms: Mostly the hormonal craziness. Wicked sore boobs, have to pee all the freaking time, some heartburn, restless sleep….Oh and I think I am starting to feel round ligament pain, but it could also just be random cramps.

Maternity Clothes: Just the stretchy pants this week. I was reading my weekly update and it said something like “you probably won’t need maternity pants for a while still” and I wanted to say “hey fuck you!”

Appointments: None this week.

Baby Purchases: Our friends Rob and Julie brought us back a baby Bambi from their trip to Disneyworld! This baby is going to be set for stuffies! We also bought a fetal doppler. The first time we used it, we heard a heartbeat almost right away. The second time we couldn’t find it, so in lieu of getting myself completely worked up I decided we should wait another week or two to try again.

Best Moment this week: I’m having a hard time coming up with one this week. This week was kind of a downer unfortunately.

Pictures: No.

Week 10

How Far Along: 10 Weeks. 30 to go!

Size of baby: Baby is about the size of a prune, or 1.2 inches long weighing .14 oz.

Weight Gain/Loss: Still none, even though I feel like I have a belly.

Body Changes: I have consistently had a belly about all week now. I know it’s still pretty early to “show” and I know it’s probably just bloat, but it doesn’t seem to go down ever like it used to.

Gender: Dunno yet! 

Movement: Nothing yet!

Sleep: Have been having much more interrupted sleep of late. Waking up every night at least once to pee, usually, and oftentimes I just wake up for no reason at all and then lie there for about an hour or so.

What I miss: I really want a margarita. There have been commercials for Limearitas on tv lately and I LOVE those damn things. Sigh.

Cravings: Still nothing major.

Aversions: Just tomatoes still. I don’t want anything to do with pizza.

Symptoms: Way more emotional ups and downs this week. Mostly downs. Aside from that still rocking the sore boobs (I don’t even want hubby to LOOK at them), fatigue, etc etc. Yesterday I had the worst morning sickness I’ve had so far and I still wasn’t sick, just pretty nauseous for most of the morning. Which was fun since it was my birthday!

Maternity Clothes: Still super stoked about my stretchy pants.

Appointments: No appointments this week.

Baby Purchases: My parents bought us our rocking chair and a side table and some lamps for the nursery! Also, my dear friend Robin sent us an adorable baby blankie with a stuffed squirrel and a birdy rattle. So cute.


Best Moment this week: Having my parents up to help us organize the nursery (there really is a floor in there) and buy us some furniture.

Pictures: Still nothing worth taking pictures of! Maybe next week.