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My Favorite Things – 1 Month

I thought, since time is already barreling by at the speed of sound, that I would start a series of things I love about every month of Caroline’s life while she is doing so much growing and learning. Might help me to remember them, first off, and it might also help me remember the good times when things get hard.

So, in no particular order, some of my favorite things about Caroline’s first month.

  • When she finishes nursing and rests her head there and falls asleep. I know, given her colic and stomach upset when I don’t get a good burp out of her, that I should sit her up and burp her sooner than later, but sometimes it’s just so peaceful I can’t bring myself to wake her.
  • The cuddles. Ugh, the cuddles. When I hold her and she curls up and turns her face against me. I can’t take it!
  • Little toots. I know, super mature of me, but it cracks me up when she farts.
  • Another super mature one: when I lie back to feed her so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed by the letdown, it puts me in pure hysterics when she lifts her head off, decides she wants more, and practically dives back onto my nipple with this huge wide open mouth. She buries her face in my boob and all I can think of is her going “OM NOM NOM!” Yeah, I’m 25.
  • Discovery faces like these:
(It was about the bird rattle I velcroed to her wrist.)
  • The little coos and noises she makes when she’s in a good mood and just looking around taking things in.
  • Almost-smiles.

  • Attitude. (I’m enjoying this one while she can’t actually talk back.)

  • When she’s in the middle of a crying fit and I put her to my chest and eventually she just gives up and lays her head down on my chest.
  • Wandering hands that brush my tummy while she’s nursing.
  • Pouty lip.

  • When she is up on my shoulder and she holds herself upright and I can see her out the corner of one eye and all I can see is this big baby face, like looking through a fish-eye lens. I don’t know what it is about this that I love so much.
  • Sleeping on mommy’s chest at night and her new favorite, sitting with mommy to watch tv.

  • Oh yeah, and baby sleep.