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Joining the Ranks of the Unswaddled

….why yes, that is an attempt at a lame Game of Thrones pun. You know, in case you were wondering.

So, we decided that the time had finally come to get the Bean to sleep without her blanket. Since birth she has been one of those babies who really prefers to be wrapped up tight to sleep. Since she has also been a belly sleeper since about 10 weeks or so, I knew it wasn’t safe to put her in her velcro swaddle, so we’ve been wrapping her in an afghan, which I figured was a safe compromise. She could still be on her belly to sleep, was feeling tight and secure, but still had enough wiggle room to remove and arm and roll over, and if she did, there were enough holes in the blanket that it wouldn’t suffocate her. This worked for a long time…until it didn’t.

All things considered I should have started this process a while ago. For the last month or so she has been rolling over and getting out of the blanket numerous times a night, causing her to wake and cry until I came in and wrapped her back up. In the last few weeks she has been putting up more of a fight than normal in getting into her blankie at night, and that, coupled with an uncannily-timed newsletter from The Incredible Infant about the dangers of wrapping once baby can roll over, told me it was time.

She was more ready for it than I was, to tell the truth. I got comfortable in our routine and I knew that pretty much no matter what, that blanket would put her to sleep. So I kept putting it off, because I was worried about the transition. Usually about once a month we attempted to put her to sleep in a wearable blanket instead of a wrapped one, and she would just lie there propped up on her arms looking around and rolling over instead of sleeping. Or her arm movements would wake her. So maybe those early attempts were just too early. But the other night, she started thrashing and screaming when I tried to put her in her blanket before bed, so I thought, all right, tonight’s the night. I fed her her last bottle and laid her in her crib without a blanket. She fussed for a couple of minutes, but after one or two binkie replacements, she went to sleep. She woke once at 1:30, I put her binkie back in, and the next thing I knew it was 6:30. It was the most solid night she had slept in a really long time. Last night, she conked out and didn’t make a peep until 4:30. I had decided that I would start letting her wean herself off the night bottle, at the recommendation of her pediatrician. If she really wants one, she can have it, but if she goes back to sleep on her own, let her go without. So she needed one last night, but after that she went back to sleep until 7:30.

Naps have still been a little wobbly on our new plan, mostly I think because at night she is sufficiently exhausted and pretty much falls asleep right away, whereas during nap time she is tired but not really tired, and it takes a little longer to coax her into falling asleep. But, I’m happy to say she has been soothing herself to sleep for the most part and we haven’t even had to let her cry for much longer than a minute or two. So, not to jinx myself, but I feel like it’s going pretty well.

Speaking of naps, I don’t know why this excited me but yesterday we went to Thorntonfest with my parents, which is a community festival in my hometown with people selling crafts and artisans and local businesses selling stuff, it’s a fun time. (That’s not really the part that excited me, by the way.) I had never taken the Bean to anything like that before and I wasn’t sure how she would take to being out and about for several hours outside with lots of noise, but when she started to fuss a bit we reclined her stroller seat and she passed out for a good 45 minutes while we walked around. (That’s the part that excited me. You can tell my life is really thrilling because I get excited about naps.)

After that she was content to kick back and let us stroll her around like she owned the place. What a kid I have.

6 Month Update

Before the shots…

The Bean finally had her 6-month wellness visit yesterday as we got a new pediatrician at last. She weighed in at 14.9 pounds and was 26 inches long! Grow Bean Grow! She checked out great with the new doctor and although he said he heard a slight heart murmur, he said it is completely benign (a “stills murmur”) and should probably go away on its own in time, but he wanted us to be aware of it in case anything ever comes up. She is hitting all her milestones correctly (she started sitting up a few days ago) even though she is not yet rolling from back to belly. He said her weight gain was good and I should continue with new foods including things like meat and dairy products like yogurt and cheese as she tolerates them. She took all her shots like a champ, only cried for a minute or two, and was all smiles by the time we got home though she did conk out pretty hard afterward. We visit again at 9 months and for her flu shots in the fall.

We celebrated this morning by having yogurt and strawberries for breakfast!

6 Months

A half a year old!

But…since I forgot to do her 5 month update, here’s that picture too.

What a happy, spirited girl I have. She has really blossomed in the last month or so and she smiles at everything and everyone. You still have to work at her to get a real laugh out of her (I am the same way though) but she is very jovial.

I haven’t taken her to her 6 month appointment yet (we have to find a new pediatrician) so I don’t have exact stats on her, but when I took her to the doctor for a cold about a month ago she was 13 pounds exactly. She’s been putting on about a pound a month consistently up till now but she seems to finally be getting some solid chunk on so she might be more than 14 pounds now. She is actually fitting into 6 month clothes; she was wearing 3 month sizes up to really recently. I can’t really dress her in footie pajamas for very long anymore because her feet grow out of them faster than the rest of it! Her hair is coming in really long and got really dark! Looks like it will be brown after all. Her eyes are still beautiful gray.

She loooooves food! We are still mostly on purees, but she gobbles them up at light speed. Carrots, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, she loves them! The only thing she hasn’t really been crazy about was prunes, but really, who is. This last week I started giving her puffs and she is still getting used to those. She eats them and I think she likes the flavor, but the texture obviously freaks her out. We’ll work on it. I tried strawberries in the mesh feeder a couple days ago, and she got the hang of it really quickly but the strawberries were obviously way too tart because she freaked out! She even got a bite of my frozen yogurt and she loved it so much she tried to grab the whole cup.

Speaking of eating, she popped her first two teeth a couple of days ago! I was sure that her top two would come in first but she proved me wrong and the bottoms came in. I never even noticed because she wasn’t especially cranky or anything like that, but the other day she was nomming on her Sophie and I happened to look in her mouth and saw two gray things in there, and there they were! She has been wearing an amber teething necklace, so I have no idea if that’s why she hasn’t been showing any additional crankiness over it all, but if so, yay. They haven’t quite come up all the way yet but they are on the way for sure.

Sleep has been okay, but a little bumpier than normal. She was sick about a month ago, and then we moved and she went through a huge growth spurt at the same time, so we went through a hitch where she felt the need to wake every 3 hours at night and put up a fight going back down and then wake for the day at 4:30am. We’re slowly getting out of that now, but man oh man was it nice when she would sleep 6 hours at a time and only wake for a bottle once! (Which she did at my parent’s house last week, I should note. Grumble.) Naps are still pretty normal, once we got out of the moving transition period she went right back to sleeping about 2-2 1/2 hours for each nap.

She still isn’t sitting up on her own and she hasn’t rolled over from her back to her belly yet, and she isn’t very interested in attempting to crawl, but she can stand up! Not independently and she can’t pull herself up, but if I stand her and lean her against something she can support herself. Doing things in the “correct” order would be boring I guess.

My parents bought her a walker a couple weeks ago and it’s like the best thing ever for her. She loves that thing! Especially since it has a tray that I can put her favorite guitar on and make music. She can go pretty much everywhere that we go around the house and be present with us instead of in her play pen which I think she likes much better.

Even though she can’t sit up or roll yet, she still gets around. Those legs of her are strong. She kicks the bars of her crib and the edge of her changing table so hard she gets bruises on her feet! When she lays on her back on the floor she can wiggle herself all over the place and usually when I come into her room after a nap she is completely perpendicular and upside down from the position I originally put her in. Once she figures out how to crawl and walk she is going to be friggen unstoppable.

Her favorites right now are bath time, playing guitar, sitting on the back patio in her new chair, swinging at the playground, and going for walks. She has to bring Sophie with her everywhere we go. She is an observer for sure; she loves watching the other kids at the park and she is happy to sit and watch the geese in the pond in the courtyard. Being in the city opens up so many possibilities for us and she has been out and about with me a lot. We’ve been to IKEA and the aquarium and the book store and I think this weekend we’ll go to the Botanic Gardens. She usually enjoys being in the Ergo, but I think I might have to figure out the back carry soon because it’s pretty obvious she much prefers to be facing outward and looking at things than having to stare at mommy’s neck. She loves her kitties! They seem to have welcomed her into the pack too, especially Sherlock. She smiles and laughs at them and they love to cuddle up next to her on the couch. Whiskey even sleeps on her changing table. Weirdly, when she was at my parent’s house last week, she cried every time their cat Simon meowed at her. For a while she was really interested in Brody and would laugh at him all the time, but since he is living with my parents right now I think she has forgotten about him, because last time she saw him she cried at him too. Oh, and she totally has a crush on Jimmy Fallon. Usually in the mornings I turn on last night’s Tonight Show and she will stop whatever she is playing with and stare.