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6 Months

Say whaaaat?

Apparently so! We are 24 weeks in and only have 16 weeks to go. I am still trying to wrap my head around the notion that pregnancy is 9 months when it is…in fact….10. Can someone explain this one to me? 9 months and 40 weeks do not add up, folks. So the notion that I am 6 months in with 3 to go is, as Dwight Schrute would say, “false.” 

Latest OB appointment was yesterday and apparently everything is going just swimmingly still. Celia even kicked the doctor when he did the doppler to listen to her heartbeat. I still feel impossibly small for 24 weeks and it definitely doesn’t help when I am surrounded by exclamations of “you are so tiny!” which you’d think would feel like a compliment, but at this point it makes me worry that baby is not growing the way she should. I am reassured from my OB that she is, and anyone who makes me feel otherwise can stuff it. (Along with all the other stuff people say to a pregnant woman.)

I also got to talk to my OB about what to expect as far as “procedure” goes when we arrive at the hospital to have this baby. I have been filled with a lot of anxiety about certain things happening in labor, namely that I might be pressured into induction/Pitocin and a c-section. I also didn’t want to be forced to stay in bed the whole time, I wanted to be comfortable and walk or be in the tub or on the ball or eat and drink or whatever I might feel like I will need. As time goes on I feel increasingly sad that we can’t afford a home birth because I really, really wanted one, but I am at least a little comforted that we do have a birthing center here and it is as much of a compromise as I’ll be able to get. Anyway, my OB did make me feel better because when I brought it up he immediately said yes, a lot of women are concerned about these things, but he did say that episiotomies are the exception and not the norm, I will not have to constantly be attached to an IV (though I will have one inserted and ready to go just in case, I just won’t be attached), they only do intermittent fetal monitoring and induction is only an option once I’m at least a week overdue (fetal distress excepting). Once the baby actually arrives, they immediately allow skin-to-skin contact (again, fetal distress excepting), they wait to cut the cord till after it’s done pulsing, and they don’t even worry about measurements and all that good stuff until after I’ve been able to breastfeed. Which, all in all, is basically everything that I wanted some sort of say in. Ideally I’d like the option to birth and not just labor in the pool, but I guess I will take what I can get. And again, I am comforted by the fact that we live literally two blocks from the hospital and we will have the luxury of waiting as long as possible to head over there and not have to get there and sit around for a while because we had to drive in. 


Photo on 2013-07-31 at 16.05

My next appointment is the dreaded glucose test. The nurse gave me my bottle of liquid sugar yesterday and…naturally…it had to be orange flavored. Ugh. My worst nightmare. I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not concerned about the results but of course there is a little bit of nervousness there. Still, I know my risk is low and I’ve been doing well at keeping up my exercise and eating right, so hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Celia is continuing to be a crazy mover. I think sometimes she is using my uterus as a lap pool. I can literally see her moving from one side to the other. Her favorite game, it seems, is to play “Aliens.” I always have to be Ripley.


While I am having a great time during this pregnancy, I am already tired of the unsolicited parenting advice. So tired of it. I know every pregnant woman gets to this point–and again, I feel compelled to give the disclaimer that I’m not calling out any individuals, just ranting. I think what really tends to get my goat when it happens is that it’s accompanied by this unspoken insinuation that because I’m not a parent yet, I’m a complete moron. Even when I try to post silly things on Facebook that are obviously “duh” things, people respond seriously like I have no idea what I’m talking about. Sometimes I really just want to say, “no shit.” Even legitimate questions in which I am actually asking for advice are met with responses that seem to reek of “well duh, you should know this.” And that’s frustrating, especially because I don’t really have any friends or close family who have had children in the last, say, twenty years, so I don’t have someone I can go to in confidence about those kinds of questions without being made to feel like a total idiot. It’s weird because I generally have a very thick skin (hello, author) but for some reason being told I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to raising my kid just turns me into that stereotypical crazy hormonal pregnant woman.

Anyway! Celia’s crib is officially on the way! My grandma and grandpa ordered it for us and I am so excited for it to arrive! That’s about the only big piece of furniture we need for her room so it will be awesome to get going on putting her nursery together. In the last few weeks I got her name letters (and subsequently glittered the everloving crap out of them) and a cute canvas that I found at Hobby Lobby.


Pay no attention to the unfortunate tabletop that got stripped when an air freshener tipped over on it...who knew?
Pay no attention to the unfortunate tabletop that got stripped when an air freshener tipped over on it…who knew?

I’m still planning on doing a woodland theme, though I doubt it will be as in-depth as I had originally planned. I wanted to paint a big tree and some animals on the wall, but then I thought about how we are planning to move within 2-3 years and it would be a pain to paint it all over again, so I think I might just paint the room a solid color and then make use of those wall decals. Michaels had some really cute ones!

Anyway, I’m off with my swimming baby to rustle up some grub (hubby works late tonight) and maybe (fingers crossed) get a little writing done. This weekend is the final weekend for Renaissance Festival and I’m hoping it won’t be too hot so I can go down. It’s hard to be pregnant at ren faire…

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The last week has been a struggle with finding balance. With determining priorities. I am beginning to feel mildly overwhelmed with the fact that we are 18 weeks away from having this baby. Stuff gets in the way of what’s really important.

Last Friday night, Cameron was taken to the ER by paramedics after I found him having difficulties breathing. We learned when we got to the hospital that he had pneumonia. I don’t want to go into too many details but suffice it to say his airway was nearly all the way closed. It was very serious and very, very scary. We haven’t been talking about it much because it’s been pretty traumatic, so if this is the first you’re hearing about it, I’m sorry. He was in the hospital most of the day Saturday but is feeling so much better now. I am still trying to cope in ways that I didn’t think would happen–like constantly feeling the need to check to make sure he is breathing during the night. I know that this will pass, but there is definitely a feeling of helplessness that I can’t shake when I start to think of all the things that could have happened that night.

Anyway. On to different topics. In an attempt to get back to something relative to normal, on Sunday we drove down the valley to poke around inside Babies R Us. I’ve been trying to get all my ducks in a row as far as preparing things for the baby. Part of the feeling of “overwhelmed” that I’ve been happened lately is related to the fact that last year, when I was preparing for the wedding, I had a definitive timeline of…this is what I need to get done and this is when I need to have it done by. For some reason I don’t feel like I have much of a concrete timeline for this. I don’t want to spend much money buying things ahead of time because I know a lot of them will (hopefully) graciously be gifted to us by friends and family at the baby shower, but that isn’t until the end of September, which leaves me feeling woefully unprepared until then. I like being prepared and ready! So, I wanted to go to Babies R Us so that I could see some of the big items rather than just add them to the registry without “trying them out” first. The crib I went mostly on looks and reviews, so I wasn’t as concerned about that. As long as it is convertible and actually comes with the conversion pieces I was happy. We have a king-size bed in the baby’s room right now and I figured between that and the changing pad we got when our neighbor sold us their pack and play, I didn’t need another piece of furniture so I opted out of buying a changing table. We are already short on room as it is. I was really confused by the whole car seat/carrier/stroller business though. Do I continue to use the car seat base with a booster seat? What if I got one of those all-inclusive 4-70lb car seats? Do I still need a carrier then? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE? We poked around for a while and the registry person helped answer some questions and eventually we decided the best way to go would be with a travel system, which is the stroller, carrier, and car seat base all in one box. It’s a big expense out front, but probably cheaper in the long run than buying all the pieces individually. We’ll have to buy an extra car seat base for Cameron’s car and probably one for Grandma’s car too, but as long as we have one we’ll at least be covered initially. So we played with all the different strollers and finally picked out one of the more expensive models, but it had so many perks (mainly that it’s lightweight and can be folded up with one motion) I figured it would be worth it than to save some money and hate it in the end. I also wanted to see an Ergo carrier and cloth diapers, but despite selling them on their website they do not carry them in the store. That is one thing that despite all the references I have been given by friends I am still so freaking confused on. We decided that we will put stuff on the registry and if we get it new from friends and family, awesome. If not, we will try to look for it used. Last week I snagged a high chair at the thrift store for 12 bucks. It’s nothing flashy but why should I spend $75 on a chair that is just going to get dirty all the time? So we’ll be hunting for thrift store finds a lot in the coming weeks I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure Celia is going to end up being a dancer or some kind of athlete. I swear most of her day she spends having a rave inside my tummy. Our doctor told us Cameron probably wouldn’t be able to feel motion until 24 weeks or later, but Celia’s kicks have been so strong not only can he feel them but he can see them too. I feel like the opening sequence of Aliens some nights, ready for her to pop out and get going. She’s already even kicking the remote off of me. Definitely a mover and a shaker. She probably weighs right around a pound now. I have officially put on a solid 10 pounds but I am happy to say I still look and feel amazing. Thanking my lucky stars for that. Everything is right front and center. Yesterday we were taking a walk and I noted that from my shadow you might not even know what was going on in there. It feels pretty good when people either 1) don’t even realize I’m pregnant or 2) can’t believe that I’m almost 5 1/2 months along. It feels nice to be considered “small” for once in my life! I am a little daunted by the notion that Celia is going to put on anywhere from 5-7 pounds in the next 17 weeks, which seems super fast to me, but I think I have a decent head start as far as not having gained too much excess weight so far. I think a lot of that is coming from the fact that I haven’t really changed my diet, I’m not eating in excess, and what I am eating I try to keep relatively healthy. In the end as long as Celia is growing appropriately, I’m happy. But if I can continue to look good I’ll be happy too. 🙂

Some bumpdate comparison photos, for your viewing pleasure…(And because I had 2 pictures with the same shirt)
Week 17:

And Week 22:

Moving right along!

5 Months

Holy moly! 5 months! We are HALFWAY THERE!


It’s kind of weird because at once I feel like it took forever to be here and yet it went by really fast. Everyone tells me the next half will go even faster. Eee!

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and it was awesome. All the pieces and parts are there and baby measured a tiny bit small, at 19 weeks instead of 20, but the OB wasn’t too concerned about that and did not want to change my due date. Our range of due dates is now November 19-25. I am hoping for closer to the 19th as I really want to be sans fetus by Thanksgiving, but of course I will be happy whenever the time comes. (But let’s be real here–I want the fattest thing in the room to be the turkey, not me!)

And we were able to see the gender. I know I said we were going to wait till the shower to tell everyone, but I pretty much spilled the beans the second my mom picked up the phone, so since she was really the only reason we were going to wait, I suppose it was fair game after that. So now I present to you….


We have a girl! We have a girl! I feel some weird sense of accomplishment about this because of how few girls we have in the family. I’m so stoked. It took Cameron a little while to come around to the idea of a girl–a few weeks ago we were walking through Kohls and a girl ran by us and he said, “What happens if we have a girl?” But then last weekend we were on a flight from Atlanta coming back from North Carolina and we were seated next to a sweet little girl. At the end of the flight he turned to me and said, “I think I’d like a girl.” Obviously we both would have been happy either way, but I think he was a little daunted by a girl (and to be honest I am too), but I’m happy that he’s so excited. Her name is going to be Celia. We are still working out her middle name, but we have plenty of time to work on that.

And happily, at 20 weeks pregnant, I am stoked to say that I still feel like I look fabulous. Hey, I might as well embrace that feeling as long as I possibly can. What’s wrong with feeling great and sexy and beautiful while pregnant? Sometimes I get this sense from other pregnant women that we should all feel like whales or that we’re not good enough to look good, but to hell with that. I feel awesome, I look awesome, and I’m gonna ride this wave as long as possible.


And, another small milestone happened this week. We’ve lived in our house a whole year! This might not seem like a big deal considering we’re not military, but we moved 3 times in 14 months since 2011, so it’s really nice to not be unpacking for once.

Anyway, hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July–please remember your pets tonight when you go out to the fireworks shows.