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An Open Letter to My Daughter’s Teeth (And to My Cat)

Sorry for the mildly R-rated post but I’m having a day.

Letter #1: To my daughter’s teeth:

Look, I know we all have a job to do. I know you’re going to come in handy soon and that you’re roaring to come into the world and be useful. That’s nice. Very considerate of you. I get it.

But let’s be real here for a second.

Teeth, if you were a person, I’d kill you. Straight up. I would throw you down a flight of very steep concrete stairs and beat you with a hammer until you died from blunt force trauma and blood loss.

So here’s the deal. Quit dicking around and just come the fuck out of my daughter’s gum. I have been waiting for you to erupt for 2 fucking weeks. I can see you there, waiting, just being an asshole chilling there while in the meantime she is spending half her days screaming in discomfort. You know who you are. You’re the bottom center tooth on the right and you’re a little shithead. Be a good tooth like your neighbor and just come out already.


At least the swings make her happy.

Letter #2: To my cat:

Whiskey, if you shit one more time on my floor I’m going to lock you on the patio, open the gate, and hope that a coyote eats you.

Phew. It’s a good thing a friend wants to meet for dinner tonight because–just in case you couldn’t tell–I need a drink.

What a Day!

Dang! What a crazy day we had here at the Bean Pod.

I got out early with the Bean because there were afternoon storms in the forecast, so after her morning nap we packed up and headed over to Washington Park. I’ve been trying to explore all the parks we have nearby and so far this one is my favorite! We got to see a gaggle of geese with all of their babies near the water and several different kinds of water fowl in the lake. While we were walking, I stopped to adjust a strap in the stroller and realized Sophie had fallen out! We have to bring Sophie everywhere with us so I immediately panicked because, well frankly, Sophies are kind of expensive and I didn’t want to have to buy another. So I turned around and we backtracked, and luckily we found her sitting in the grass where we had stopped to look at the baby geese. Phew! Crisis averted. We walked back to the playground and I ate my sandwich while the Bean had her bottle, and then we played on the swings. When I was getting the Bean back in her stroller to finish up her bottle I pulled out a container of Marcona almonds, which were a splurge treat I bought yesterday. (Have you ever had them? They are so amazing. And expensive.) Well, somehow or another I ended up knocking over the container of almonds and lost all but 2 on the ground. I was pretty well heartbroken because I had just bought them yesterday and like I said, they were a splurge because they are expensive. Sigh. But I did make some squirrels very happy.

By this point I could see the storm clouds rolling in so I figured we’d get on the road. I wanted to stop at CostCo and buy a new convertible car seat for the baby, so we popped in, grabbed it, and by the time we got back to the car it was thundering and the baby was really ready for a nap so I hurried home as fast as I could. When we pulled into the carport it was raining and just starting to hail, so I left everything in the car and ran inside with the baby.

An aside–several years ago I got caught in a wicked hailstorm in my car. It was so crazy and so scary that I pretty much panic during hailstorms now, especially if I’m in the car. The sound sets me off pretty bad.

Anyway, we got inside and I made up a bottle and got the baby ready for a nap. She fell asleep pretty much right away. I popped into our room to check the weather because it was looking pretty gnarly out. Barely a few minutes later a tornado warning was issued, my phone started blowing up with an NWS warning, and the tornado sirens went off. Really?! I knew more than likely a tornado was not going to drop on top of us, but I was worried about hail and wind because we only have single pane windows. So rather begrudgingly I picked up the baby and herded the cats into the basement.

We sat down there for a while, listening to the sirens go off. The cell passed over us pretty quickly but I waited till the tornado warning expired to come back upstairs. A total of 8 tornadoes touched down between Denver and the plains today. 8! Two of them were in the metro area which is fairly unusual.


Naturally after all the excitement of the afternoon I couldn’t get the Bean to go back down for a nap, so I had to entertain her for a little while until she passed out. We both got a nice nap in and then went for a walk around the complex after dinner. Looks like we are in for a little more rain overnight and another round of severe weather tomorrow. Guess we will have to hit up the park early again tomorrow!


6 Months

A half a year old!

But…since I forgot to do her 5 month update, here’s that picture too.

What a happy, spirited girl I have. She has really blossomed in the last month or so and she smiles at everything and everyone. You still have to work at her to get a real laugh out of her (I am the same way though) but she is very jovial.

I haven’t taken her to her 6 month appointment yet (we have to find a new pediatrician) so I don’t have exact stats on her, but when I took her to the doctor for a cold about a month ago she was 13 pounds exactly. She’s been putting on about a pound a month consistently up till now but she seems to finally be getting some solid chunk on so she might be more than 14 pounds now. She is actually fitting into 6 month clothes; she was wearing 3 month sizes up to really recently. I can’t really dress her in footie pajamas for very long anymore because her feet grow out of them faster than the rest of it! Her hair is coming in really long and got really dark! Looks like it will be brown after all. Her eyes are still beautiful gray.

She loooooves food! We are still mostly on purees, but she gobbles them up at light speed. Carrots, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, she loves them! The only thing she hasn’t really been crazy about was prunes, but really, who is. This last week I started giving her puffs and she is still getting used to those. She eats them and I think she likes the flavor, but the texture obviously freaks her out. We’ll work on it. I tried strawberries in the mesh feeder a couple days ago, and she got the hang of it really quickly but the strawberries were obviously way too tart because she freaked out! She even got a bite of my frozen yogurt and she loved it so much she tried to grab the whole cup.

Speaking of eating, she popped her first two teeth a couple of days ago! I was sure that her top two would come in first but she proved me wrong and the bottoms came in. I never even noticed because she wasn’t especially cranky or anything like that, but the other day she was nomming on her Sophie and I happened to look in her mouth and saw two gray things in there, and there they were! She has been wearing an amber teething necklace, so I have no idea if that’s why she hasn’t been showing any additional crankiness over it all, but if so, yay. They haven’t quite come up all the way yet but they are on the way for sure.

Sleep has been okay, but a little bumpier than normal. She was sick about a month ago, and then we moved and she went through a huge growth spurt at the same time, so we went through a hitch where she felt the need to wake every 3 hours at night and put up a fight going back down and then wake for the day at 4:30am. We’re slowly getting out of that now, but man oh man was it nice when she would sleep 6 hours at a time and only wake for a bottle once! (Which she did at my parent’s house last week, I should note. Grumble.) Naps are still pretty normal, once we got out of the moving transition period she went right back to sleeping about 2-2 1/2 hours for each nap.

She still isn’t sitting up on her own and she hasn’t rolled over from her back to her belly yet, and she isn’t very interested in attempting to crawl, but she can stand up! Not independently and she can’t pull herself up, but if I stand her and lean her against something she can support herself. Doing things in the “correct” order would be boring I guess.

My parents bought her a walker a couple weeks ago and it’s like the best thing ever for her. She loves that thing! Especially since it has a tray that I can put her favorite guitar on and make music. She can go pretty much everywhere that we go around the house and be present with us instead of in her play pen which I think she likes much better.

Even though she can’t sit up or roll yet, she still gets around. Those legs of her are strong. She kicks the bars of her crib and the edge of her changing table so hard she gets bruises on her feet! When she lays on her back on the floor she can wiggle herself all over the place and usually when I come into her room after a nap she is completely perpendicular and upside down from the position I originally put her in. Once she figures out how to crawl and walk she is going to be friggen unstoppable.

Her favorites right now are bath time, playing guitar, sitting on the back patio in her new chair, swinging at the playground, and going for walks. She has to bring Sophie with her everywhere we go. She is an observer for sure; she loves watching the other kids at the park and she is happy to sit and watch the geese in the pond in the courtyard. Being in the city opens up so many possibilities for us and she has been out and about with me a lot. We’ve been to IKEA and the aquarium and the book store and I think this weekend we’ll go to the Botanic Gardens. She usually enjoys being in the Ergo, but I think I might have to figure out the back carry soon because it’s pretty obvious she much prefers to be facing outward and looking at things than having to stare at mommy’s neck. She loves her kitties! They seem to have welcomed her into the pack too, especially Sherlock. She smiles and laughs at them and they love to cuddle up next to her on the couch. Whiskey even sleeps on her changing table. Weirdly, when she was at my parent’s house last week, she cried every time their cat Simon meowed at her. For a while she was really interested in Brody and would laugh at him all the time, but since he is living with my parents right now I think she has forgotten about him, because last time she saw him she cried at him too. Oh, and she totally has a crush on Jimmy Fallon. Usually in the mornings I turn on last night’s Tonight Show and she will stop whatever she is playing with and stare.

Oh What a Relief It Is

Yes. 3 nights in a row of calm, collected sleep. For Caroline AND mommy and daddy. What. A. Relief.

I feel like we’ve finally reached some sort of understanding about each other, and started getting a handle on her preferences and what she likes and doesn’t like. I know patterns change and what works one night may not work the next night, but for three nights in a row, we’ve all slept well and it is amazing. I’ve had to learn to be flexible–sometimes she just doesn’t want to lie in her cradle and sometimes she wants to sleep on my chest and that is okay for now because if it works, it works. The little bean is still way too young for forcing patterns or routines on her. The time will come but for now, I have to learn to live by her cues.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten more sleep or because I finally feel like I have a handle on this whole “mothering” thing (or both, more likely) but things have been so much better the last several days. No crying (from me at least), no meltdowns, no middle of the night freakouts involving my being certain that there was no way I could do this. Apparently I can.

So, anyway. Enough about that. I will celebrate my small victories when I have them and I will embrace the positive days so that when I have a negative, hard day, maybe it won’t feel so hard. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to this week!

Caroline practices meditation
Whiskey claims freshly laundered baby blankets
Milk drunk!
Baby’s first Starbucks?
Playmat time! She really seems to like tummy time and can almost turn her head!
All dressed up for her first snow!


“Okay, I guess we can keep it.”
Gazing longingly at the lap that used to be his.


Prepping the Nursery

The last few days I definitely hit a “nesting” mode of sorts and decided it was high time to put the nursery in gear and get it moving. Wednesday, I decided I would paint the wall, or at least the part of it that I could reach without moving the dresser on my own. I was a little distressed to find that my painting shirt had shrunk significantly since the last time I wore it. Go figure.

The color we decided on is a nice sky-blue. If you know me at all you know that I absolutely hate the whole “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” concept. Total crap. So I figured since I was using that “Someday I will save the world” canvas as a color inspiration, I would stick with the gray-blue-yellow theme (my glider is also gray, so it fit). Plus I figured the blue is neutral enough that we shouldn’t have to paint over it when we move and turn this house into a rental.

So, since the painting only took me about an hour and I still had all evening before Cameron came home I decided that I would tackle the crib. I like putting things together. (Just so nobody freaks out, I never lifted anything heavy, I took frequent breaks, had all the windows open, and drank lots of water.)

The cats were not altogether pleased that I was turning their “rec room” into the baby’s room.

The crib, also, took me no time at all to get put together. I am so pleased with the way it looks. And, I did not know this, but it also came with a trundle drawer for underneath. The description on the Babies R Us page didn’t say it or I must have missed it; either way I’m really pleased that it was included because now I have a little extra storage for sheets and bedding and whatnot.

And yes, if you’re wondering, that IS my wedding dress hanging there on the closet door. I have still neglected to get it put in the shipping box I bought to sent it off to be professionally cleaned and sealed. I should probably get on that.

We don’t have the mattress or any bedding for it yet, but we’re thinking tomorrow we will go down the hill and splurge and get those items ourselves.

So, yesterday, I had a few hours before Cameron got home from work and thought I’d tackle the next step in the decorating process, the tree. I bought a decal at Target to hang on the wall since we’ll be leaving this place in a few years and I didn’t want to deal with painting over a lot of stuff. I pulled open the container and first found this.

Seems simple enough. So I flip it over, and….

Right. Instructions on reverse side, huh? Okay. So, in the absence of instructions I figured, well, I can probably figure this out myself. On the sheets with the stickers each removable piece had a letter next to it, which I took to mean it was similar to a color-by-numbers and the letters would match up with the corresponding letter, and that would be that. Not so difficult. Until I got to the middle section of the trunk that said I needed to connect two pieces labeled I and K. Well, there were no pieces on the sheet that said I or K. Right. So I passed by those, finished the rest of the tree, and was left with two major sections labeled L and M. The letters didn’t match but the sizes were correct so I attached them anyway. Obviously someone in quality control doesn’t know their letters. Either way, it took me less than an hour once I figured out what I was doing, and this was the end result.

My nerdy side definitely stepped back and went “Hey look! It’s the white tree of Gondor!” I think it looks great, with the exception that it is a little smaller than the packaging advertised. The box said it would be 53″ tall and 45″ wide, but it ended up being closer to 45″ tall and only 40″ wide. So, as a result, the measurement I did to place it in a good spot on the wall kind of fell flat (or short), and it’s a little lower than I would have liked especially once we put the crib up next to it, but there were so many pieces there is no way I’m going to take it down and try it again. So instead we’re going to buy another one and put it up on the other side of the crib, and then either find some cloud decals or just paint a couple on the wall, which I figure will be easy enough not to screw up (I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag) and won’t be too much of a pain to paint over later.

So, still not totally done yet, but the big thing (the crib) is done and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting that put together when I am 8 months pregnant and too big to pick up the pieces myself. (As it was it was pretty tough to lean into the crib and get the mattress spring in…) I want the room to be totally done by the time baby gets here because we are not planning to co-sleep and I want her to be sleeping in that crib from night one. I still need to finish the painting where the dresser is right now (didn’t want to move that by myself) so hopefully that will get done this weekend, and we can also get the second tree and clouds and border up. I’m concerned about the room being a little cramped because we have this giant bed in there with nowhere else to put it, so once I get everything pretty much in order I can figure out how to mount some shelves/baskets and get a little more storage going on. I do have the entire closet to work with, so getting that organized will be good for me.  I also need to vacuum the crap out of the carpet. But, the point is the process is started, and it makes me feel much better.

As for me, I am 26 weeks now and starting to feel a little on the big side. I’m at 18 pounds gained and I know that’s still totally normal and I have a ways to go before this is over but it definitely doesn’t make me feel great. I’ve never ever seen the scale that high and it feels scary to me. I feel like I hit that point where my body feels and looks very foreign to me, especially (sorry, TMI alert) my boobs. They look SO WEIRD. Ugh, I hate it. I don’t like not liking my body, because for the most part we had a pretty good relationship pre-pregnancy, my body and I, and it took a really long time to get there. All I can think about sometimes is getting back to the gym once the baby comes and getting back into shape, which I know should not be my focus, but it has been. I guess that’s normal. I’m still not sleeping great, although the night I put the crib together I was so sore I slept like a freaking rock. I notice I sleep better when the cat is locked out of the room, since he likes to step all over me and wakes me up half the night. The last two nights I’ve had some soreness so I took some Tylenol PM and that seemed to help me sleep quite a lot, but I’d rather not make that a habit if I can help it. My ankles started swelling at the end of the day too. Other not-so-pleasant symptoms at this point include heartburn and acne and soreness in my hips, but I guess for the most part I still feel pretty good. Could be worse! I have to keep telling myself that.

Also….we seem to have encountered a crisis and it has to do with the baby’s name. And not her middle name either, though that still hasn’t been picked out. We’ve been discussing it a lot lately and I have a feeling we might end up settling on something other than Celia, though nothing is decided for sure yet. And that’s okay, I mean, nothing is set in stone until it’s on the birth certificate anyway. It’s not like she will know the difference. On the plus side, the new name we’ve fallen for includes all the letters in Celia, so I wouldn’t have to throw away the name letters I already bought, just add a few more and rearrange them. I’m not going to say what it is yet, until we decide for sure. Could end up be nothing. We’re still talking about it. Hint: it’s in a song. Helpful right.

In parting, I thought I’d include a photo that accurately describes the kind of craziness we often have to deal with in Estes Park. I know I complain about the tourists a lot….but this could help explain why.

Yes. Those are two tents set up on the city golf course. Because free camping on the golf course makes total sense.

Odds n’ Ends

Because I felt like writing but at the same time wanted to procrastinate working on the book. Funny how that works.

Speaking of the book, I’ll start off with that first. Seems to be progressing at around the correct pace. I don’t always stick to my daily word count, but usually by the end of the week it ends up leveling out. I think I have finally nailed down an “opening” and I’m moving forward pretty consistently instead of backward. I added up the majority of the sections that I have written, since I tend to write out of sequence whenever the inspiration strikes, and found that I am right around 20,000 words written so far which is a little more than I thought I had. Trouble is connecting all these bits and pieces and deciding what to use and what not to use. I’m trying to let the new format work itself in and not force it, because that seemed to be what was killing me before. I keep having to remind myself, in Nike fashion, to just do it. (Plus the countdown on my phone seems to be a motivator, too.)

This week we got quite a few things for Celia. Our neighbor called us last week and said they were having a yard sale and that they had a cradle for sale, so we went over to take a look. I snapped it up as soon as I could. It was used for 3 kids since the late 60s but it’s still in excellent shape. It fits perfectly in the window in the living room, so we now have a place to put Celia down if we’re watching tv or otherwise don’t want to be upstairs.


Please don't warn me about the cable and the shade string. I got it.
Please don’t warn me about the cable and the shade string. I got it.

We also snagged a child’s chair and desk, which we thought would be great for once Celia gets a little older, as well as a set of Mr. Potatohead. My mom has a full collection at her house too so Ce is going to be more than set when it comes to Mr. Potatohead.


Celia’s crib came last week too! My grandma and grandpa ordered it for us, hooray. It’s still sitting in the box upstairs waiting for the room to be painted and I am really eager to get that put together. We bought paint this weekend, a nice sky blue-gray that will pair really nicely with her yellow letters. We also got a new outfit for her courtesy of a coworker of Cameron’s, an adorable little sundress/cardigan number that I foresee using to take her first serious photographs. (I also took advantage of a Carter’s coupon and ordered 2 footie sleepers, a set of onesies, and some flowery headbands.)

And, naturally, here I am at 25 weeks:
Photo on 2013-08-07 at 18.03

I still feel pretty good all things considered, though I have definitely seen an upswing in heartburn/acid reflux in the last week or so. I have a feeling that I will be moving to the guest bed at some point in the near future, too. Our bed is pretty much the most comfortable thing in the world with a 4″ memory foam topper on it (we call it our cloud bed) but right now it’s almost a little too soft, because I end up getting stuck in certain positions and it’s really hard to move. So, might have to give up and move over to the firm bed in the other room. I don’t think I’ve slept through the night in at least a few weeks.

Still able to tie my shoes...but probably not for long.
Still able to tie my shoes…but probably not for long.

Lately my mom has been pressuring us to pick out a middle name for Celia, which is not going well (or as quickly as she’d like I’m sure). She’s being very persistent in sending me lists and lists of names, but only 1 out of 10 do I like. Thing is, Cameron and I took so long to come up with one! Just one! girl’s name that we both liked, coming up with a second is just turning out to be a frustration now, and I don’t want to pick a name just for the sake of picking one. I’m picky–it takes me forever to nail down names for fictional characters, now picking a name for a real person? Forget it. But it’s going to be with her forever (or until she gets married, because she could do like I did and “technically” remove her middle name) and I don’t want to not like it. So maybe she ends up not having one, I don’t know. Seems these days middle names are only useful when the kid is in trouble anyway. I guess it’s just not very high on my list of priorities.

I contacted the person at the hospital responsible for signing us up for childbirth classes, so hopefully soon I should get a schedule on when those are. I also finished up the registry and I know baby shower plans are in the works, so things are really moving fast now. I am so eager for autumn to be here. Football! Pumpkin things! Cool weather! And baby!

Along with fall I am really eager for the tourists to go home and for things to go back to being quiet. This tends to be a really touchy subject with a lot of people I know here in Estes. There seems to be this overbearing school of thought that we are so lucky to live here that we should like the tourists no matter what. I tend to feel a little more cynical than that. There’s the obvious–traffic is congested, no place to park, nobody knows where they’re going, the supermarket is such a madhouse all the time that I will go 45 minutes away to do my shopping, everything is always packed…that sort of stuff. But maybe more than ever this summer I have felt this terrible sense of isolation being up here, and I know a lot of it has to do with the tourists being here. I spend every evening at home because there’s nowhere in town to go that isn’t inundated with tourists. I can’t go sit in the corner table at Starbucks and work on the book because it’s too busy and distracting. It gets to you after a while. I think another facet of it is I just feel lonely, plain and simple. I haven’t seen any of my friends in months and every attempt I make at trying to get some of them to come visit is met like I’m suggesting they go to the moon, so after a while I just quit making the attempt. Add on top of that my two best friends ever just moved to Baltimore so they can start an amazing new life together (and how hard THAT has been to cope with) and the fact that I don’t have any friends my age up here, and it starts to bug you after a while. I worry often that when the baby comes I will feel even more isolated from my friends–not just by distance but by the entire new lifestyle I will have. But at least by the point when Celia arrives, it will be quiet enough in town that I will be able to walk down to the Starbucks with her and be around Cameron and his employees, all of whom I love, and not be stuck inside the house. In the end, I have to remind myself that we are not in Estes for life, and in a few years we’ll be moving back to Fort Collins (voted one of the happiest places to live in the country, I should point out…) and I can hopefully go back to enjoying Estes the way it is meant to be enjoyed–because I feel bad in saying so but I do resent it from time to time.

Anyway! That turned into far more of a vent than I had intended, so here’s something cool. I came across a company called Diamond Candles and ordered one on a whim. I thought, well, it’s not too much more expensive than buying a candle at Yankee, and this has jewelry inside it! So I splurged. My candle arrived on Monday and I promptly set to burning it so I could dig out the treasure.



I don’t think the ring is worth anything, but at least it’s really pretty! I’m pretty pleased with the product overall–the candle is way bigger than I thought it would be and it smells fantastic. I hope they put out some fall scents soon because I am definitely not against ordering another. A cool idea overall.

And finally, one more piece of silliness. Last week Cameron and I were playing catch in the backyard and he said to me, “try to hit this saw horse with the football from the other side of the yard.” We have a pretty big yard, but I have pretty good aim, so I gave it a shot–and this happened.


No joke! Literally split the uprights. That thing was jammed in there, too. Neither of us could believe it. First try from about 20 yards away. Probably could never do it again if I tried. But it did make me feel like the most badass pregnant woman ever.

Finally finally, a photo dump of my animals, because they’re cute. And everyone likes a blog with animal pictures.

Merry Christmas

Ah, yet another Christmas day has come and gone. All this time waiting for it to get here and now it is gone so fast. Always the way.

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with my parents. (And as much as I love spending time with them I am so glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight; their guest bed is small and not spectacularly comfortable) My mom’s annual Christmas eve shindig was small this year, only about a dozen people, but it was fun. It was nice to get to talk to everyone instead of fighting your way through a crowd. After everyone left we planned to watch A Christmas Carol like we do every year but Cameron and I were really tired (and I’ll be honest, I’d had too much wine) and I crashed hardcore.

This morning it was just my parents and us. My brother was with his girlfriend and only came over for dinner (not even going to talk about it–suffice it to say I was highly annoyed). Santa (and my parents!) were very nice this year. We got a new smaller crockpot (with a timer!) from a family friend, an electric carver, an onion chopper (sounds like uber-practical stuff but considering how much time I spend in the kitchen it’s all awesome), a set of stemless white and red wine glasses (yay! finally a matching set!)…um, what else….Cameron gave me an awesome new phone cover with a graphic of The Hound of the Baskervilles on it and a “perpetual calendar” which I can’t even explain because it’s so awesome so I’ll post a picture of it instead. (P.S. Wicked kudos to Mr. Hubby, both of his gifts to me were things we happened to see randomly in stores over the year and I pointed them out to say “ooh how cool!” and he remembered.)

One word: magnets.

My parents also gave us both zip-up hoodies for our favorite football teams (my brother also gave me a Broncos t-shirt) and a couple other assorted odds and ends like the soundtrack to the new Les Mis movie (which I’ll be seeing on Saturday with my dad). Also between the two of us (and Cameron’s birthday) we got a good several hundred dollars’ worth in Home Depot gift cards (whenever family members asked what we wanted we just said Home Depot gift cards) so we are SOOOO excited for that. We can finally get a working sink in our master bathroom! Hallelujah! Plus it’ll be nice to have a little kitty for home renovations as they arise. (Maybe for doing the nursery hopefully soon??!)

On top of all that, we were so impressed with my mom’s swank new camera that we ordered one for ourselves so that we will have it to take with us to Hawaii. We have been thinking about getting a new, nice camera for a while and hers was so great and they got such a good deal on it through the military shopping website (no sales tax + no shipping) that we found one almost identical to hers for the same price. All in all we paid less than $200. I’m so excited for it to come. I have always been interested in photography and now that I have a great camera it will give me a good excuse to learn some more about the craft and start taking some great pictures.

Taken with my mom’s new camera

The furry family members got treats too–Santa brought the dog a big bag of chicken flavored rawhide chews and the kitties each got a mousy catnip toy that makes a squeaking noise when it is touched. (Great practice for kids and their toys!) Whiskey has been throwing his up in the air and batting it around all night.

After presents I made breakfast for everyone and then we relaxed for a while before starting up on the dinner preparations. My mom made a roast and a turkey breast along with a sweet potato/sausage smash, corn casserole, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Nom! My dad cracked a bottle of Mouton Cadet for the meal and it was awe-some. After dinner we had some coffee and then loaded up the car to come back home. It was a great day and I’m glad we got to spend it with my parents.

Trying to stump the “smile detector” on the new camera–not sure if it worked….

In other news – 2 weeks till we leave for Hawaii!!!