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Predict Our High Elevation Baby!

I loooove predicting baby birth dates, times, weights…I don’t know what it is about it but there’s just something so fun about the whole thing! At my baby shower last week, guests put down their predictions about the birth of baby Caroline. The (eventual) winner is slated to receive a gift card from my mom. When I mentioned this, Lindsay over at Solo Mama (I can’t get a link to work, arg!) wondered if I might extend the guessing game to my blog readers too and I thought, what a fun idea! So, we’re going to play a “guess Caroline’s details” here too! And yes, there will be a prize!

Comment below (you can just copy and paste) with your guesses for:

Birth Date:
Birth Time:
Birth Weight:
Birth Length:
Baby’s Hair Color:

Stuff you might want to know:
– My actual “due date” is November 21. The nearest full moon to that date is November 17.
– I have naturally dark brown hair.
– Cameron has dark blonde hair.
– I was born at 8lbs 2oz, 22″ long.
– Cameron is unsure of his exact measurements but knows he was “completely average” and thinks he was somewhere around 7 1/2 pounds.

The rules:
– The winner will be chosen by the guess that falls closest to the birth date. Tie breakers for guesses on the same date/same distance to the closest date (meaning, nobody guesses the actual date but two people are each 2 days away in either direction) will be chosen by time, then weight, and on down the list.
– Predictions must be posted no later than November 1.
– Predictions must be posted as a comment on this post. I will not accept predictions posted on links to this page (i.e via Facebook or Twitter).
– You do not have to be a blog follower or a WordPress blogger to play.
– The winner will be announced by future blog post, so if you want to see if you won, you have to come back and visit the blog! This also means if you are not a blog follower/do not have a WordPress blog, you have to be willing to leave some form of contact for me to be able to get in touch with you to send you your prize.
– The prize will be a Starbucks gift card. If the winner absolutely despises coffee, or does not have a Starbucks in his/her area, we can discuss it.

I think that’s it! Happy predicting!