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Hawaii Part Two: Pearl Harbor

Our trip to Pearl Harbor was fresh off the stinging playoff loss of my Denver Broncos to the Baltimore Ravens. We had spent the day at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Waikiki amidst a raucous crowd of Denver fans that slowly but surely became more and more inundated with Ravens fans. What a game! It was so exciting even if it ended in tragedy for us. Seriously, I walked out of that bar in tears. I have never cried over football before. Alas. I was happy, in the end, to have lost (in double overtime!) to the team that went on to win the Superbowl, which proved that we weren’t defeated in a fluke win. At least if we couldn’t beat Tom Brady, the Ravens could. (Sorry Pats fans. No Brady love in this blog.)

Early Sunday morning we trucked off to Pearl Harbor. I’m a bit of a history buff and I definitely love exploring historical sites like this, especially ones that are so pertinent to the American psyche. It was a moving experience to sure. We got there in time for the first boat out to the Arizona Memorial, which was nice because the ferry wasn’t jam packed. It was nice and quiet. Unfortunately my camera batteries died before we got off the memorial, and because you are not allowed to bring any bags on site, we didn’t bring the camera bag with more batteries. Still, I think I got just enough.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Survivors of the Arizona have the option to have their remains returned to the Arizona after their death to join their former comrades. I thought this was beautiful.

The next post should be our first couple of days on Maui. That part of the trip was definitely our favorite so expect a long lovely write-up on that! However, yesterday I met with my editor for the first time and she has tasked me with doing a monumental word count cut from the manuscript in the next two weeks, and as time is already limited with my stage managing a show, I will need to spend as much time as I can on that. So it might be a few days at the least.

Till then!