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The Magic Words

Ah, yes. The magic words every pregnant woman wants to hear, when she’s late in the third trimester and can’t turn over in bed without looking so much like a breeching whale that David Attenborough is knocking at the door hoping to film a documentary on a new species. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what words I’m talking about.

“Could be any day now.”

Sweet hallelujah! There IS a light at the end of this tunnel, even if I can’t actually FIT in said tunnel. Have I mentioned according to my dr’s records I’ve put on 41 pounds since March? Mmmyep. If that doesn’t make a girl feel good I don’t know what does. Pretty soon I will be squeezing into these puppies:


Anyway, Dr. said the magic words yesterday at our 36 week check. Now, don’t get me wrong, he said it more as an overall “yep, it might happen” rather than an “expect to go into labor right now.” Just a way of saying, yep, it’s almost that time so don’t freak out in case it does. Obviously, we want Caroline to continue incubating as long as possible, so please don’t think I’m chomping at the bit to have her out tomorrow or that I’m going to start thinking of myself as overdue. I know it’s important for her to bake a little longer. I’m only mostly joking. Nevertheless, it is good to hear from the doctor that he’s confident that if she did come, more than likely everything would be just fine.

That being said…do I STILL really have 4 weeks left till my EDD? Fuck me! (However, Dr did say that babies do tend to be born earlier and somewhat smaller than average up here, I’m assuming due to altitude or barometric pressure or thin air or a preponderance of unicorn farts or something scientific like that. Who knows. But maybe it’s true and it won’t be 4 more full weeks. Fingers crossed.)

After giving me the mother of all horrible internal checks (seriously it was awful), Dr declared she is still head down, growing according to schedule, and her heartbeat is slowing down to a good rate. I’m even a tiny bit dilated! Not like that means much at this point but hey, makes me feel good that my body is responding in roughly the way it is supposed to. I also had my Strep-B culture done and thankfully do not need another internal exam until closer to the due date thankyoubabyjesusbecausethatsucks. So that being said, full steam ahead on the Let’s Get This Show on the Road Train.

Relaxing with my stage-5 clinger of a cat on Mount Caroline.

Caroline’s newest trick, by the way? Planting both feet firmly on my ribs ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I am seriously (as in, not even joking) beginning to bruise on my ribs. When I sit up I can feel one or both of her feet pop around the edges of my ribs and Jesus Fuck does that hurt! This morning I almost could not sit up to get out of bed. Please, please, please drop soon. Please.

Oh, and on the subject of dropping. I have had a virtual crew of complete strangers (you know, people you’ve never met before) look at me and say “Wow, you’ve dropped!” I just give them this look like yeah, tell that to my bruising ribs and my inability to breathe when I lie down. If I hear one more stranger tell me I’ve dropped, I’m gonna drop my palm on their face.


Oh, we booked a “babymoon”! Or, more like… “last date with the two of us not involving a babysitter.” We were sort of planning on doing that last night, because several months ago I bought tickets to see The Book of Mormon in Denver. But, since getting off Isle Estes these days is sort of a pain we would have had to make an overnight out of it, bring the dog with us, stay at my parents’ house, come back early or take time off work, yadda yadda. It had just become a pain, so we sent the tickets to my parents as a birthday present for my mom instead. I was bummed, but happy that they apparently loved it.

Dad enjoying a little musical sacrilege

So, instead, we are going down next Saturday to see a show in Denver and stay at a nice hotel overnight, since we won’t have to rush to get back home. It’ll be our last chance to chill out together, just the two of us, and be out of Estes for a little while…probably for the last time until the baby comes and/or the roads open up, whichever happens first. (My guess is baby.)

Part of my “postpartum goodie bag” package arrived from Walmart last night. (I was hoping it would be my new pair of boots, but no dice. Just part of the Christmas morning-like joy of doing all our shopping online these days.) Oooh yes, definitely getting close now. Because nothing screams “you are either getting ready to have a baby or perform surgery on a small animal” like a box full of giant thunderpads, stool softeners, witch hazel wipes and doggie tinkle pads. My Depends and granny panties are still on backorder. Shucks.

When I got that tattoo I didn’t actually think I would one day get to BE a whale.

It’s the Final Countdown

…and now you have that song stuck in your head, dontcha? Dontcha? Well at the very least I do…

First snow! Measurable one, anyway. We’ve had a couple dustings so far but nothing major. I think our first snow last year was pretty late, so it’s exciting to see the snow making a more seasonable appearance this year. I know it seems crazy after the floods and all, but we really do need the moisture, because we will dry out pretty fast as conditions return to normal, so as weird as it sounds to say we need the moisture, we do.

Anyway, we are finally in “final countdown mode” as we move into 4-5 weeks till Sweet Caroline can be expected. Still feels impossibly far away, but maybe that’s just because I am in so much discomfort that anything more than a day sounds far away. I am so ready to be able to walk normally again…

We are pretty much finished with the nursery, with the exception of getting a border up (which could end up being such a pain I might just finish the painting and forget about the border) on the wall. I’m overall pretty pleased with it, though I do wish I had a *tiny* bit more floor space. Oh well.

Caroline’s posse
Nursing Headquarters
Baskets for books and toys. Didn’t have enough floor space to get a bookshelf in the room, so on the wall it was.

We have all of her outfits hung in the closet and all of her sleepers, swaddle pods, and blankies in the dresser, along with a whole drawer I’m using as a staging area for diapers and extra wipes. I’m using the bed and the dresser as the command station for diaper changes. We got a box of 650 wipes AND a box of 900 wipes, so I think we will be more than set on those for quite some time. I have a decent stash of diapers going; I didn’t want to buy too many of one kind in the event that she doesn’t fit, doesn’t like them, any of those contingencies. I decided not to start cloth diapering till 8-10 weeks and since I don’t have any cloth diapers already and don’t have a way to get any except ordering them, I decided it wasn’t worth the extra effort to stock up just yet. Hopefully by the time she is ready for them, a road will be open and I can go buy them in person. Just something about ordering them online without seeing them makes me nervous since they are so pricy. I’m committed to cloth diapering, but it’s just hard to get a hold of a decent stash right now and I don’t want to half-ass it….no pun intended.

About the last thing I have to do before she comes is wash all of her clothes, sheets, blankies…but unfortunately I still don’t have my washing machine in use yet (it’s killing me) and I’d rather not use the laundromat for those since the dryers there are so intense I don’t want anything to shrink. Really crossing my fingers we will be able to shut off the pump soon or at least figure out a way to configure both to run at the same time.

The other final piece we were waiting on was the car seat/carrier/stroller, and that arrived yesterday courtesy of my parents. Hooray! Step one was figuring out how to unfold the damn stroller…I really think they should give you that as a test to see if you are allowed to be parents.

So wait, the parent tray is where??

After roughly 10 minutes of trying to figure out where the “parent tray” (also known as Baby Walk Latte Cupholder Area) was, we were finally able to unfold the frame and then it took another 5 minutes to decipher the little drawings to find where the plastic insert that holds up the basket underneath went! So complicated, and the instructions were not helpful whatsoever. The rest of it went pretty quickly though and not long after we had passed the test and were allowed to receive our parenting licenses. Woohoo!

(If you’re curious, the setup is a Chicco Cortina Travel System in Martini…apparently Consumer Reports’ #1 best buy for safety and convenience in travel systems…yay us!)

We still have to get the car seat base installed, which means I have to first clean up my car (murr) and then I think we’ll bring it by the police station since they’ll (I think) install it for free, and then we don’t have to worry if it’s done incorrectly or not. I can’t decide if we should buy another base to put in Cameron’s car. They are not cheap ($85!) and I just wonder if it’s really worth the extra inconvenience of trading cars if one of us needs to take the baby or whatever. Guess we can decide once we determine exactly how much of an inconvenience it turns out to be.

Ooh, I am also set for babywearing. We have an Ergo with an infant insert, but I really wanted a wrap too because it just seemed easier especially if I want to carry her around the house or she wants to be held a lot. I had originally planned on getting a Moby, but after numerous other recommendations and reading it looked like Baby K’Tan was the way to go, so I splurged and bought one for myself. Super cool! It looks to be fairly easy, has a variety of ways to wear it, and looks pretty cute too. (And it’s in a neutral color so Cameron can wear it too.) I had to use poor Bambi as a test dummy again because I didn’t think the cat would appreciate it. (We also used a gallon of milk to test the weight…we are nothing if not thorough product testers.)

Nearly there!

35 weeks and pretty ready to get this show on the road

Trimester the Third

Welcome to the Third Trimester, said the Universe. You’ve made it 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy. As a reward, have a gestational diabetes test and a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Nightmare. Oh, and then ANOTHER diabetes test, because the first one wasn’t bad enough. Isn’t this fun?

So yeah, this has been a fun week. I went in for my gestational diabetes test on Thursday (after it was rescheduled from Tuesday because the OB had 2 emergency c-sections, I mean what are the odds) and it wasn’t as terrible as I had thought it would be; the orange shit was definitely second-to-none gross, but I got it down and kept it down, so that was a positive. I got a little bit of a sugar rush but definitely nothing terrible, and I had some crackers and cheese right when I got home so I didn’t have a huge crash either. The nurse told me that “no news is good news” and they would only call if I failed, and that if I did, they’d call me the next day (Friday). Stay tuned for the rest of this story.

Saturday morning I woke up at 4:30 after a pretty terrible nightmare about the baby. I don’t dream very often, even since I’ve been pregnant, and usually my dreams are so bizarre and make so little sense that it’s no big deal even if I manage to remember them. This one was pretty visceral and real, though, and very upsetting. Cameron was in the shower getting ready for an opening shift at the ‘Bux and I had to get out of bed and tell him just to feel like everything was okay. So I stood in the bathroom while he showered and cried for a while and then went back to bed and watched an episode of The Office before going back to sleep. It was pretty rotten and I know it was just a little sliver of subconscious rising to the top of my brain that got all bent out of shape by the dream, but it’s still hard to shake something like that when it feels so real even for a little while. Luckily I had a massage booked for later that morning so I was at least able to go and have some relaxing me-time, which was probably what I needed in the first place.

And, to put the cherry on top of my “welcome to hell the third trimester” cake, I was under the assumption as of Friday evening that I had passed my diabetes test, since the phone never rang all day. Rock on, thought I. I figured, wrongly obviously, that since a holiday weekend was coming up, the lab would probably make the attempt to get all their important calls done before the weekend so people wouldn’t have to wait 3 days for results. Anyway, my phone rang not long ago with the hospital’s number and my stomach dropped. It’s the nurse from the OB’s office informing me that I have failed my diabetes test by 1 fucking point and my OB wants me to come in this week for the 3-hour test. Are you kidding me. One point?? Evidently the “normal” range is 75-139 and I clocked in at 140. Yeah.

So, despite my  annoyance with the fact that 1) I was told that if I failed they’d call 4 days ago and they didn’t, and 2) that I only failed by 1 measly point, I booked an appointment to go back on Thursday morning and do the 3-hour. I get to fast after dinner on Wednesday night and show up at 8 the next morning for what I’m assuming is just going to be more fun than a unicorn pooping lollipops while riding a double rainbow all the way across the sky. Luckily Cameron should be able to be with me for most if not all of it, so at least if I throw up I’ll have someone to hold my hair back. And I work for some really accommodating folks, so the fact that I’ll be in almost 4 hours late (if at all, because I am prepared for the contingency that I might just feel like total shit) isn’t a huge deal. So that’s good I guess.

So, yeah. It’s been a fun week. On the positive (since I need at least one), I was able to snag a crib mattress for only $10 from someone on a local swap site, and am going to pick that up later today. Maybe this will actually compel me to finish the nursery at some point because, oh yeah, I still haven’t done that.

And, since text-only posts are boring, here’s a picture of all 3 of my animals making it really hard for me to get out of bed this morning.

In the meantime, I’m off to hopefully get rid of this stomachache and try not to let my hormones get the best of me today. Least the office is pretty empty today….

Prepping the Nursery

The last few days I definitely hit a “nesting” mode of sorts and decided it was high time to put the nursery in gear and get it moving. Wednesday, I decided I would paint the wall, or at least the part of it that I could reach without moving the dresser on my own. I was a little distressed to find that my painting shirt had shrunk significantly since the last time I wore it. Go figure.

The color we decided on is a nice sky-blue. If you know me at all you know that I absolutely hate the whole “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” concept. Total crap. So I figured since I was using that “Someday I will save the world” canvas as a color inspiration, I would stick with the gray-blue-yellow theme (my glider is also gray, so it fit). Plus I figured the blue is neutral enough that we shouldn’t have to paint over it when we move and turn this house into a rental.

So, since the painting only took me about an hour and I still had all evening before Cameron came home I decided that I would tackle the crib. I like putting things together. (Just so nobody freaks out, I never lifted anything heavy, I took frequent breaks, had all the windows open, and drank lots of water.)

The cats were not altogether pleased that I was turning their “rec room” into the baby’s room.

The crib, also, took me no time at all to get put together. I am so pleased with the way it looks. And, I did not know this, but it also came with a trundle drawer for underneath. The description on the Babies R Us page didn’t say it or I must have missed it; either way I’m really pleased that it was included because now I have a little extra storage for sheets and bedding and whatnot.

And yes, if you’re wondering, that IS my wedding dress hanging there on the closet door. I have still neglected to get it put in the shipping box I bought to sent it off to be professionally cleaned and sealed. I should probably get on that.

We don’t have the mattress or any bedding for it yet, but we’re thinking tomorrow we will go down the hill and splurge and get those items ourselves.

So, yesterday, I had a few hours before Cameron got home from work and thought I’d tackle the next step in the decorating process, the tree. I bought a decal at Target to hang on the wall since we’ll be leaving this place in a few years and I didn’t want to deal with painting over a lot of stuff. I pulled open the container and first found this.

Seems simple enough. So I flip it over, and….

Right. Instructions on reverse side, huh? Okay. So, in the absence of instructions I figured, well, I can probably figure this out myself. On the sheets with the stickers each removable piece had a letter next to it, which I took to mean it was similar to a color-by-numbers and the letters would match up with the corresponding letter, and that would be that. Not so difficult. Until I got to the middle section of the trunk that said I needed to connect two pieces labeled I and K. Well, there were no pieces on the sheet that said I or K. Right. So I passed by those, finished the rest of the tree, and was left with two major sections labeled L and M. The letters didn’t match but the sizes were correct so I attached them anyway. Obviously someone in quality control doesn’t know their letters. Either way, it took me less than an hour once I figured out what I was doing, and this was the end result.

My nerdy side definitely stepped back and went “Hey look! It’s the white tree of Gondor!” I think it looks great, with the exception that it is a little smaller than the packaging advertised. The box said it would be 53″ tall and 45″ wide, but it ended up being closer to 45″ tall and only 40″ wide. So, as a result, the measurement I did to place it in a good spot on the wall kind of fell flat (or short), and it’s a little lower than I would have liked especially once we put the crib up next to it, but there were so many pieces there is no way I’m going to take it down and try it again. So instead we’re going to buy another one and put it up on the other side of the crib, and then either find some cloud decals or just paint a couple on the wall, which I figure will be easy enough not to screw up (I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag) and won’t be too much of a pain to paint over later.

So, still not totally done yet, but the big thing (the crib) is done and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting that put together when I am 8 months pregnant and too big to pick up the pieces myself. (As it was it was pretty tough to lean into the crib and get the mattress spring in…) I want the room to be totally done by the time baby gets here because we are not planning to co-sleep and I want her to be sleeping in that crib from night one. I still need to finish the painting where the dresser is right now (didn’t want to move that by myself) so hopefully that will get done this weekend, and we can also get the second tree and clouds and border up. I’m concerned about the room being a little cramped because we have this giant bed in there with nowhere else to put it, so once I get everything pretty much in order I can figure out how to mount some shelves/baskets and get a little more storage going on. I do have the entire closet to work with, so getting that organized will be good for me.  I also need to vacuum the crap out of the carpet. But, the point is the process is started, and it makes me feel much better.

As for me, I am 26 weeks now and starting to feel a little on the big side. I’m at 18 pounds gained and I know that’s still totally normal and I have a ways to go before this is over but it definitely doesn’t make me feel great. I’ve never ever seen the scale that high and it feels scary to me. I feel like I hit that point where my body feels and looks very foreign to me, especially (sorry, TMI alert) my boobs. They look SO WEIRD. Ugh, I hate it. I don’t like not liking my body, because for the most part we had a pretty good relationship pre-pregnancy, my body and I, and it took a really long time to get there. All I can think about sometimes is getting back to the gym once the baby comes and getting back into shape, which I know should not be my focus, but it has been. I guess that’s normal. I’m still not sleeping great, although the night I put the crib together I was so sore I slept like a freaking rock. I notice I sleep better when the cat is locked out of the room, since he likes to step all over me and wakes me up half the night. The last two nights I’ve had some soreness so I took some Tylenol PM and that seemed to help me sleep quite a lot, but I’d rather not make that a habit if I can help it. My ankles started swelling at the end of the day too. Other not-so-pleasant symptoms at this point include heartburn and acne and soreness in my hips, but I guess for the most part I still feel pretty good. Could be worse! I have to keep telling myself that.

Also….we seem to have encountered a crisis and it has to do with the baby’s name. And not her middle name either, though that still hasn’t been picked out. We’ve been discussing it a lot lately and I have a feeling we might end up settling on something other than Celia, though nothing is decided for sure yet. And that’s okay, I mean, nothing is set in stone until it’s on the birth certificate anyway. It’s not like she will know the difference. On the plus side, the new name we’ve fallen for includes all the letters in Celia, so I wouldn’t have to throw away the name letters I already bought, just add a few more and rearrange them. I’m not going to say what it is yet, until we decide for sure. Could end up be nothing. We’re still talking about it. Hint: it’s in a song. Helpful right.

In parting, I thought I’d include a photo that accurately describes the kind of craziness we often have to deal with in Estes Park. I know I complain about the tourists a lot….but this could help explain why.

Yes. Those are two tents set up on the city golf course. Because free camping on the golf course makes total sense.

Odds n’ Ends

Because I felt like writing but at the same time wanted to procrastinate working on the book. Funny how that works.

Speaking of the book, I’ll start off with that first. Seems to be progressing at around the correct pace. I don’t always stick to my daily word count, but usually by the end of the week it ends up leveling out. I think I have finally nailed down an “opening” and I’m moving forward pretty consistently instead of backward. I added up the majority of the sections that I have written, since I tend to write out of sequence whenever the inspiration strikes, and found that I am right around 20,000 words written so far which is a little more than I thought I had. Trouble is connecting all these bits and pieces and deciding what to use and what not to use. I’m trying to let the new format work itself in and not force it, because that seemed to be what was killing me before. I keep having to remind myself, in Nike fashion, to just do it. (Plus the countdown on my phone seems to be a motivator, too.)

This week we got quite a few things for Celia. Our neighbor called us last week and said they were having a yard sale and that they had a cradle for sale, so we went over to take a look. I snapped it up as soon as I could. It was used for 3 kids since the late 60s but it’s still in excellent shape. It fits perfectly in the window in the living room, so we now have a place to put Celia down if we’re watching tv or otherwise don’t want to be upstairs.


Please don't warn me about the cable and the shade string. I got it.
Please don’t warn me about the cable and the shade string. I got it.

We also snagged a child’s chair and desk, which we thought would be great for once Celia gets a little older, as well as a set of Mr. Potatohead. My mom has a full collection at her house too so Ce is going to be more than set when it comes to Mr. Potatohead.


Celia’s crib came last week too! My grandma and grandpa ordered it for us, hooray. It’s still sitting in the box upstairs waiting for the room to be painted and I am really eager to get that put together. We bought paint this weekend, a nice sky blue-gray that will pair really nicely with her yellow letters. We also got a new outfit for her courtesy of a coworker of Cameron’s, an adorable little sundress/cardigan number that I foresee using to take her first serious photographs. (I also took advantage of a Carter’s coupon and ordered 2 footie sleepers, a set of onesies, and some flowery headbands.)

And, naturally, here I am at 25 weeks:
Photo on 2013-08-07 at 18.03

I still feel pretty good all things considered, though I have definitely seen an upswing in heartburn/acid reflux in the last week or so. I have a feeling that I will be moving to the guest bed at some point in the near future, too. Our bed is pretty much the most comfortable thing in the world with a 4″ memory foam topper on it (we call it our cloud bed) but right now it’s almost a little too soft, because I end up getting stuck in certain positions and it’s really hard to move. So, might have to give up and move over to the firm bed in the other room. I don’t think I’ve slept through the night in at least a few weeks.

Still able to tie my shoes...but probably not for long.
Still able to tie my shoes…but probably not for long.

Lately my mom has been pressuring us to pick out a middle name for Celia, which is not going well (or as quickly as she’d like I’m sure). She’s being very persistent in sending me lists and lists of names, but only 1 out of 10 do I like. Thing is, Cameron and I took so long to come up with one! Just one! girl’s name that we both liked, coming up with a second is just turning out to be a frustration now, and I don’t want to pick a name just for the sake of picking one. I’m picky–it takes me forever to nail down names for fictional characters, now picking a name for a real person? Forget it. But it’s going to be with her forever (or until she gets married, because she could do like I did and “technically” remove her middle name) and I don’t want to not like it. So maybe she ends up not having one, I don’t know. Seems these days middle names are only useful when the kid is in trouble anyway. I guess it’s just not very high on my list of priorities.

I contacted the person at the hospital responsible for signing us up for childbirth classes, so hopefully soon I should get a schedule on when those are. I also finished up the registry and I know baby shower plans are in the works, so things are really moving fast now. I am so eager for autumn to be here. Football! Pumpkin things! Cool weather! And baby!

Along with fall I am really eager for the tourists to go home and for things to go back to being quiet. This tends to be a really touchy subject with a lot of people I know here in Estes. There seems to be this overbearing school of thought that we are so lucky to live here that we should like the tourists no matter what. I tend to feel a little more cynical than that. There’s the obvious–traffic is congested, no place to park, nobody knows where they’re going, the supermarket is such a madhouse all the time that I will go 45 minutes away to do my shopping, everything is always packed…that sort of stuff. But maybe more than ever this summer I have felt this terrible sense of isolation being up here, and I know a lot of it has to do with the tourists being here. I spend every evening at home because there’s nowhere in town to go that isn’t inundated with tourists. I can’t go sit in the corner table at Starbucks and work on the book because it’s too busy and distracting. It gets to you after a while. I think another facet of it is I just feel lonely, plain and simple. I haven’t seen any of my friends in months and every attempt I make at trying to get some of them to come visit is met like I’m suggesting they go to the moon, so after a while I just quit making the attempt. Add on top of that my two best friends ever just moved to Baltimore so they can start an amazing new life together (and how hard THAT has been to cope with) and the fact that I don’t have any friends my age up here, and it starts to bug you after a while. I worry often that when the baby comes I will feel even more isolated from my friends–not just by distance but by the entire new lifestyle I will have. But at least by the point when Celia arrives, it will be quiet enough in town that I will be able to walk down to the Starbucks with her and be around Cameron and his employees, all of whom I love, and not be stuck inside the house. In the end, I have to remind myself that we are not in Estes for life, and in a few years we’ll be moving back to Fort Collins (voted one of the happiest places to live in the country, I should point out…) and I can hopefully go back to enjoying Estes the way it is meant to be enjoyed–because I feel bad in saying so but I do resent it from time to time.

Anyway! That turned into far more of a vent than I had intended, so here’s something cool. I came across a company called Diamond Candles and ordered one on a whim. I thought, well, it’s not too much more expensive than buying a candle at Yankee, and this has jewelry inside it! So I splurged. My candle arrived on Monday and I promptly set to burning it so I could dig out the treasure.



I don’t think the ring is worth anything, but at least it’s really pretty! I’m pretty pleased with the product overall–the candle is way bigger than I thought it would be and it smells fantastic. I hope they put out some fall scents soon because I am definitely not against ordering another. A cool idea overall.

And finally, one more piece of silliness. Last week Cameron and I were playing catch in the backyard and he said to me, “try to hit this saw horse with the football from the other side of the yard.” We have a pretty big yard, but I have pretty good aim, so I gave it a shot–and this happened.


No joke! Literally split the uprights. That thing was jammed in there, too. Neither of us could believe it. First try from about 20 yards away. Probably could never do it again if I tried. But it did make me feel like the most badass pregnant woman ever.

Finally finally, a photo dump of my animals, because they’re cute. And everyone likes a blog with animal pictures.

6 Months

Say whaaaat?

Apparently so! We are 24 weeks in and only have 16 weeks to go. I am still trying to wrap my head around the notion that pregnancy is 9 months when it is…in fact….10. Can someone explain this one to me? 9 months and 40 weeks do not add up, folks. So the notion that I am 6 months in with 3 to go is, as Dwight Schrute would say, “false.” 

Latest OB appointment was yesterday and apparently everything is going just swimmingly still. Celia even kicked the doctor when he did the doppler to listen to her heartbeat. I still feel impossibly small for 24 weeks and it definitely doesn’t help when I am surrounded by exclamations of “you are so tiny!” which you’d think would feel like a compliment, but at this point it makes me worry that baby is not growing the way she should. I am reassured from my OB that she is, and anyone who makes me feel otherwise can stuff it. (Along with all the other stuff people say to a pregnant woman.)

I also got to talk to my OB about what to expect as far as “procedure” goes when we arrive at the hospital to have this baby. I have been filled with a lot of anxiety about certain things happening in labor, namely that I might be pressured into induction/Pitocin and a c-section. I also didn’t want to be forced to stay in bed the whole time, I wanted to be comfortable and walk or be in the tub or on the ball or eat and drink or whatever I might feel like I will need. As time goes on I feel increasingly sad that we can’t afford a home birth because I really, really wanted one, but I am at least a little comforted that we do have a birthing center here and it is as much of a compromise as I’ll be able to get. Anyway, my OB did make me feel better because when I brought it up he immediately said yes, a lot of women are concerned about these things, but he did say that episiotomies are the exception and not the norm, I will not have to constantly be attached to an IV (though I will have one inserted and ready to go just in case, I just won’t be attached), they only do intermittent fetal monitoring and induction is only an option once I’m at least a week overdue (fetal distress excepting). Once the baby actually arrives, they immediately allow skin-to-skin contact (again, fetal distress excepting), they wait to cut the cord till after it’s done pulsing, and they don’t even worry about measurements and all that good stuff until after I’ve been able to breastfeed. Which, all in all, is basically everything that I wanted some sort of say in. Ideally I’d like the option to birth and not just labor in the pool, but I guess I will take what I can get. And again, I am comforted by the fact that we live literally two blocks from the hospital and we will have the luxury of waiting as long as possible to head over there and not have to get there and sit around for a while because we had to drive in. 


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My next appointment is the dreaded glucose test. The nurse gave me my bottle of liquid sugar yesterday and…naturally…it had to be orange flavored. Ugh. My worst nightmare. I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not concerned about the results but of course there is a little bit of nervousness there. Still, I know my risk is low and I’ve been doing well at keeping up my exercise and eating right, so hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Celia is continuing to be a crazy mover. I think sometimes she is using my uterus as a lap pool. I can literally see her moving from one side to the other. Her favorite game, it seems, is to play “Aliens.” I always have to be Ripley.


While I am having a great time during this pregnancy, I am already tired of the unsolicited parenting advice. So tired of it. I know every pregnant woman gets to this point–and again, I feel compelled to give the disclaimer that I’m not calling out any individuals, just ranting. I think what really tends to get my goat when it happens is that it’s accompanied by this unspoken insinuation that because I’m not a parent yet, I’m a complete moron. Even when I try to post silly things on Facebook that are obviously “duh” things, people respond seriously like I have no idea what I’m talking about. Sometimes I really just want to say, “no shit.” Even legitimate questions in which I am actually asking for advice are met with responses that seem to reek of “well duh, you should know this.” And that’s frustrating, especially because I don’t really have any friends or close family who have had children in the last, say, twenty years, so I don’t have someone I can go to in confidence about those kinds of questions without being made to feel like a total idiot. It’s weird because I generally have a very thick skin (hello, author) but for some reason being told I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to raising my kid just turns me into that stereotypical crazy hormonal pregnant woman.

Anyway! Celia’s crib is officially on the way! My grandma and grandpa ordered it for us and I am so excited for it to arrive! That’s about the only big piece of furniture we need for her room so it will be awesome to get going on putting her nursery together. In the last few weeks I got her name letters (and subsequently glittered the everloving crap out of them) and a cute canvas that I found at Hobby Lobby.


Pay no attention to the unfortunate tabletop that got stripped when an air freshener tipped over on it...who knew?
Pay no attention to the unfortunate tabletop that got stripped when an air freshener tipped over on it…who knew?

I’m still planning on doing a woodland theme, though I doubt it will be as in-depth as I had originally planned. I wanted to paint a big tree and some animals on the wall, but then I thought about how we are planning to move within 2-3 years and it would be a pain to paint it all over again, so I think I might just paint the room a solid color and then make use of those wall decals. Michaels had some really cute ones!

Anyway, I’m off with my swimming baby to rustle up some grub (hubby works late tonight) and maybe (fingers crossed) get a little writing done. This weekend is the final weekend for Renaissance Festival and I’m hoping it won’t be too hot so I can go down. It’s hard to be pregnant at ren faire…

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The last week has been a struggle with finding balance. With determining priorities. I am beginning to feel mildly overwhelmed with the fact that we are 18 weeks away from having this baby. Stuff gets in the way of what’s really important.

Last Friday night, Cameron was taken to the ER by paramedics after I found him having difficulties breathing. We learned when we got to the hospital that he had pneumonia. I don’t want to go into too many details but suffice it to say his airway was nearly all the way closed. It was very serious and very, very scary. We haven’t been talking about it much because it’s been pretty traumatic, so if this is the first you’re hearing about it, I’m sorry. He was in the hospital most of the day Saturday but is feeling so much better now. I am still trying to cope in ways that I didn’t think would happen–like constantly feeling the need to check to make sure he is breathing during the night. I know that this will pass, but there is definitely a feeling of helplessness that I can’t shake when I start to think of all the things that could have happened that night.

Anyway. On to different topics. In an attempt to get back to something relative to normal, on Sunday we drove down the valley to poke around inside Babies R Us. I’ve been trying to get all my ducks in a row as far as preparing things for the baby. Part of the feeling of “overwhelmed” that I’ve been happened lately is related to the fact that last year, when I was preparing for the wedding, I had a definitive timeline of…this is what I need to get done and this is when I need to have it done by. For some reason I don’t feel like I have much of a concrete timeline for this. I don’t want to spend much money buying things ahead of time because I know a lot of them will (hopefully) graciously be gifted to us by friends and family at the baby shower, but that isn’t until the end of September, which leaves me feeling woefully unprepared until then. I like being prepared and ready! So, I wanted to go to Babies R Us so that I could see some of the big items rather than just add them to the registry without “trying them out” first. The crib I went mostly on looks and reviews, so I wasn’t as concerned about that. As long as it is convertible and actually comes with the conversion pieces I was happy. We have a king-size bed in the baby’s room right now and I figured between that and the changing pad we got when our neighbor sold us their pack and play, I didn’t need another piece of furniture so I opted out of buying a changing table. We are already short on room as it is. I was really confused by the whole car seat/carrier/stroller business though. Do I continue to use the car seat base with a booster seat? What if I got one of those all-inclusive 4-70lb car seats? Do I still need a carrier then? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE? We poked around for a while and the registry person helped answer some questions and eventually we decided the best way to go would be with a travel system, which is the stroller, carrier, and car seat base all in one box. It’s a big expense out front, but probably cheaper in the long run than buying all the pieces individually. We’ll have to buy an extra car seat base for Cameron’s car and probably one for Grandma’s car too, but as long as we have one we’ll at least be covered initially. So we played with all the different strollers and finally picked out one of the more expensive models, but it had so many perks (mainly that it’s lightweight and can be folded up with one motion) I figured it would be worth it than to save some money and hate it in the end. I also wanted to see an Ergo carrier and cloth diapers, but despite selling them on their website they do not carry them in the store. That is one thing that despite all the references I have been given by friends I am still so freaking confused on. We decided that we will put stuff on the registry and if we get it new from friends and family, awesome. If not, we will try to look for it used. Last week I snagged a high chair at the thrift store for 12 bucks. It’s nothing flashy but why should I spend $75 on a chair that is just going to get dirty all the time? So we’ll be hunting for thrift store finds a lot in the coming weeks I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure Celia is going to end up being a dancer or some kind of athlete. I swear most of her day she spends having a rave inside my tummy. Our doctor told us Cameron probably wouldn’t be able to feel motion until 24 weeks or later, but Celia’s kicks have been so strong not only can he feel them but he can see them too. I feel like the opening sequence of Aliens some nights, ready for her to pop out and get going. She’s already even kicking the remote off of me. Definitely a mover and a shaker. She probably weighs right around a pound now. I have officially put on a solid 10 pounds but I am happy to say I still look and feel amazing. Thanking my lucky stars for that. Everything is right front and center. Yesterday we were taking a walk and I noted that from my shadow you might not even know what was going on in there. It feels pretty good when people either 1) don’t even realize I’m pregnant or 2) can’t believe that I’m almost 5 1/2 months along. It feels nice to be considered “small” for once in my life! I am a little daunted by the notion that Celia is going to put on anywhere from 5-7 pounds in the next 17 weeks, which seems super fast to me, but I think I have a decent head start as far as not having gained too much excess weight so far. I think a lot of that is coming from the fact that I haven’t really changed my diet, I’m not eating in excess, and what I am eating I try to keep relatively healthy. In the end as long as Celia is growing appropriately, I’m happy. But if I can continue to look good I’ll be happy too. 🙂

Some bumpdate comparison photos, for your viewing pleasure…(And because I had 2 pictures with the same shirt)
Week 17:

And Week 22:

Moving right along!