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What a Day!

Dang! What a crazy day we had here at the Bean Pod.

I got out early with the Bean because there were afternoon storms in the forecast, so after her morning nap we packed up and headed over to Washington Park. I’ve been trying to explore all the parks we have nearby and so far this one is my favorite! We got to see a gaggle of geese with all of their babies near the water and several different kinds of water fowl in the lake. While we were walking, I stopped to adjust a strap in the stroller and realized Sophie had fallen out! We have to bring Sophie everywhere with us so I immediately panicked because, well frankly, Sophies are kind of expensive and I didn’t want to have to buy another. So I turned around and we backtracked, and luckily we found her sitting in the grass where we had stopped to look at the baby geese. Phew! Crisis averted. We walked back to the playground and I ate my sandwich while the Bean had her bottle, and then we played on the swings. When I was getting the Bean back in her stroller to finish up her bottle I pulled out a container of Marcona almonds, which were a splurge treat I bought yesterday. (Have you ever had them? They are so amazing. And expensive.) Well, somehow or another I ended up knocking over the container of almonds and lost all but 2 on the ground. I was pretty well heartbroken because I had just bought them yesterday and like I said, they were a splurge because they are expensive. Sigh. But I did make some squirrels very happy.

By this point I could see the storm clouds rolling in so I figured we’d get on the road. I wanted to stop at CostCo and buy a new convertible car seat for the baby, so we popped in, grabbed it, and by the time we got back to the car it was thundering and the baby was really ready for a nap so I hurried home as fast as I could. When we pulled into the carport it was raining and just starting to hail, so I left everything in the car and ran inside with the baby.

An aside–several years ago I got caught in a wicked hailstorm in my car. It was so crazy and so scary that I pretty much panic during hailstorms now, especially if I’m in the car. The sound sets me off pretty bad.

Anyway, we got inside and I made up a bottle and got the baby ready for a nap. She fell asleep pretty much right away. I popped into our room to check the weather because it was looking pretty gnarly out. Barely a few minutes later a tornado warning was issued, my phone started blowing up with an NWS warning, and the tornado sirens went off. Really?! I knew more than likely a tornado was not going to drop on top of us, but I was worried about hail and wind because we only have single pane windows. So rather begrudgingly I picked up the baby and herded the cats into the basement.

We sat down there for a while, listening to the sirens go off. The cell passed over us pretty quickly but I waited till the tornado warning expired to come back upstairs. A total of 8 tornadoes touched down between Denver and the plains today. 8! Two of them were in the metro area which is fairly unusual.


Naturally after all the excitement of the afternoon I couldn’t get the Bean to go back down for a nap, so I had to entertain her for a little while until she passed out. We both got a nice nap in and then went for a walk around the complex after dinner. Looks like we are in for a little more rain overnight and another round of severe weather tomorrow. Guess we will have to hit up the park early again tomorrow!