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3 Months

The Bean is 3 months old! Holy wow!

What a month this has been. Easily the longest so far (I know, we’ve only had 3, but mamas, you get the idea.) in terms of the amount of “stuff” that happened. In the last month, I had to make the difficult decision to stop nursing and bottle feed, and though it completely changed our colic fight, it proved very difficult for me to cope with, and I was officially diagnosed with postpartum depression a few weeks ago. I have a feeling this would have happened with or without the ending of the breastfeeding, it was already there, it just so happened that that decision really was the trigger that made both Cameron and me realize that I wasn’t just dealing with the baby blues anymore, and it was time to address it.  I’m on meds and in counseling now, and I am feeling a lot better, but depression is a moving target and I don’t anticipate being off this bus for some time to come.

Anyway, I am happy to say that the Bean is doing so much better with the colic. It’s basically nonexistent now. She really is a changed baby.

I don’t have official stats for her this month, since we don’t have another doctor’s appointment till her 4 month checkup, but we believe she is finally over 10 pounds! She still wears mostly newborn size clothing but is finally able to fit in some of her 3-month clothes. Weirdly, the 0-3 month clothes are usually waaaay too big on her regardless of the brand or style. Her eyes are still dark gray and she has one brown spot on her left eye. Her hair is starting to thin out a little in places, and is lightening significantly (I didn’t realize it till I looked at some of her newborn photos) but she is still rocking the mohawk up front. It is so long now it almost hangs over her eyes!

The Bean is, as of now, a formula-fed baby. For a little while I was pumping and giving her breastmilk bottles, but my supply slowly started to dip regardless of how many times a day I pumped, and it was giving me anxiety (another PPD signal). I was constantly worried about having enough for her or feeling like I had to be home in so many hours to pump another bottle for her. So a few weeks ago I finally just made the decision to switch over to formula (I’d already been supplementing due to the low supply) and I immediately felt better, though I still had to deal with the nasty voice in the back of my head that kept telling me how awful I was and how bad the formula was for her–another post for another time about how I came to terms with that particular problem. She drinks 4-5oz every 4 hours or so, every 6 hours at night, and doesn’t seem to mind the formula one bit. For a while I was continuing to pump a few times a day so that I could give her at least one breastmilk bottle, but it seems like that is about to come to and end since my supply appears to have finally kicked the bucket.

At the risk of jinxing myself (didn’t I say this last month?), she is still sleeping great. At night she has been going 5-6 hour stretches pretty routinely. We get her down for bed usually between 7:30 and 8 and she will sleep usually till 2 or so, have a bottle and a fresh diaper, and crash again until 7 or 8. She has also been napping consistently, typically going down around 10 or 11 in the morning for 2 or sometimes 3 hours, and then again between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. I have (mostly) figured out her patterns, and can tell that if she’s been up for 2 hours or so and is starting to get cranky, it’s time for a nap. In the last week I transitioned her out of her swaddle for nighttime sleep and she now sleeps in her sleep sack (or snugglie as we have been calling it) on her tummy the same as she does for naptime, and it is working pretty much like a charm. I put her in bed with her binkie, her pink froggy, and her nighttime music (usually Enya) and she conks right out. Every so often if she won’t go back down in the early morning I will bring her into bed with me, but for the most part she sleeps nightly in her own crib in her own room with the door closed and rocks it.

This month, patterns and favorites really started to emerge. We have a daily schedule pretty much locked down that involves getting up, sitting in her booster seat on the counter for a morning bottle while I have my coffee, usually a short snooze in her chair, then some playtime on her mat, and then a nap. After her first nap she gets up, has a lunchtime bottle, more playtime, (if it is nice out we will take a walk or run an errand) and then another nap. We are still ironing the kinks out of the evening routine, since she usually gets tired before we are able to put her to bed (I have rehearsals 4 nights a week so sometimes nailing down the right bedtime is wonky), but she is typically good throughout the dinner hour and then goes to bed. We learned this month that she adores Michael Jackson, and sometimes now if she is being fussy we will throw the “Smooth Criminal” video on the tv and dance with her and she is happy as a clam. Most music will engage her or calm her. She loves her pink froggy, her hanging birdy toy and her plastic keys the most. When she spends time on her playmat now she will reach up and grab the birdy, which I was super stoked about. She can hold onto her keys if I hand them to her, though she hasn’t quite figured out that when she moves her arm, the keys go with it, which has resulted in smacking herself in the face a few times with them. She also smiles all the time now. At her toys, at us, when being tickled, she’s just a smiley girl. She isn’t quite giggling yet, but she does have a definite sound that indicates she is amused or excited.

She still isn’t too crazy about having her clothing changed (onesies that go over the head are pretty traumatic), having her nose sucked out, and long rides in the car, though those seem to depend on the day. I recently took out the infant insert in her car seat and she did pretty okay the next time we were in the car, so maybe it was an issue of not fitting right. I have finally started to overcome some of my anxiety about taking her places by myself, so in the last couple of weeks she has visited Babies R Us and the grocery store. She even got to wait in line in the post office with me for the first time.

Hours before our Broncos Superbowl excitement came to a crashing halt

I love my little Bean and can’t wait to see what this next month brings! If we get a nice day of weather we might take her down to Denver to visit the zoo or the aquarium for the first time. Part of my dealing with the PPD means getting out of the house and taking her places more often so that I won’t be so terrified of it–like I said, moving target and all that. In the meantime, I have a stack of boxes that means I need to start packing up this house. (Still no word on where we might be going to but we need to be prepared for a fast transition.) Yikes.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a video!

Snow Day

To start off with, I am thinking about the folks down in the Atlanta/Birmingham area and their winter woes right about now. I am pretty stunned at all the video and pictures I am seeing and I can’t stop thinking about the stories of parents trapped for hours with infants in the car and no way to feed them. Ugh, it just gives me the shivers. Pretty sure I will be packing up an emergency kit with water and extra formula in the back of my car post-haste!

As it happens, we are also in the middle of wintry weather here, but thankfully we are used to this kind of stuff and are prepared! Unfortunately, the traction control system seems to have gone out on Cameron’s car this morning while we were pushing it out of the driveway (stupid ice!), so for the time being we are a one-car family. I’m hoping the problem is related to ice or rocks stuck up in the wheel shaft, but I guess we’ll have to see what happens when the snow melts down enough to get some traction on bare pavement. Unfortunately I don’t think that will be happening any time soon, since we are apparently in for another round of snow starting tonight that some reports are saying could bring us 16 inches or more. I’m never one to complain about the snow because we really need the moisture, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for spring so I can get the baby out of the house once in a while. (Also ready for spring so that we can get out of wind season! Yesterday we had 50+mph gusts and it was just wretched. When I was trying to put groceries in my car last night the wind grabbed the car door and pulled it right out of my hand and now I have a horrible pulled muscle in my back. No thank you!)

Anyway, the other day we got about 7 inches (we were only predicted 2-4, murr) and the next day it was warm enough (relatively speaking of course) to bundle up the Bean and take her out for her first time in the snow! As you can see, she was a little less than thrilled.

It was a little too close to nap time I think so she wasn’t really having it. We put her down for a nap and tried again a little later that afternoon. She tolerated it a bit better and she even got to go on her first sled ride!

As you can see, she was so excited. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt of only being 3 months old and hope that next winter she might be a little more interested.

In any case, we are just waiting for this next round of snow to hit. I have a chicken in the slow cooker and don’t have to be at rehearsal for the rest of the week so I am happy to sit tight and watch the snow from the inside. I am crossing my fingers that the roads will be okay by Sunday so that we can get to my mom’s for Superbowl Sunday (WOO BRONCOS!!!), otherwise I will be one slightly unhappy camper.

By the way, this little girl is 3 months old next week! When did this happen??

1 Year

Yesterday was my and Cameron’s first wedding anniversary. In January we will have our 4th anniversary since first dating. We had a low-key day, since going out of town is not very reasonable for us right now, but it was still fun. He made me breakfast, we sat around and had coffee, watched the early football games, went out to the theater to watch the Broncos game (the historic movie theater here hosts the games each week for $10 with a hot dog/nacho buffet, it’s really fun!), and then had dinner at the Dunraven Inn.

I don’t feel like getting super sappy, so here are pictures instead. That’s more fun, right?

(PS Happy anniversary Cameron!)

Hiking at Garden of the Gods in 2010
Fall 2010
Halloween 2010
In Fort Collins, Christmas 2010
Graduating college in 2011
Goofing around at the New Belgium brewery
Engagement photo from 2011
Bought a house!
Florence and the Machine at Red Rocks….right before I nearly fought this crazy chick who tried to steal our seats…

At the Dole Plantation in Hawaii
My weird, wonderful family.

Won’t be long now….

…till socks will no longer be an option!

Up till now I’ve been pretty lucky in that it’s been warm enough for me to get away with skirts, gauchos and maternity shorts and just throw on flip flops or slip ons (I have a pair of Crocs that look like ballet flats, I bought them in Hawaii and seriously have worn them almost every day since, AMAZING and I am definitely not ashamed to admit that I wear Crocs on a regular basis). The last couple of days, though, some bona fide autumn weather rolled in and temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s and it’s been really rainy. Cue me digging out all my fall clothes, or at least the ones I might potentially still fit in. I have 3 pairs of maternity pants and a whole drawer full of leggings, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get away with those until Caroline comes. However, with the cold weather also comes warm feetsies and as I discovered this morning….socks are not going to be very easy for very much longer. Oh boy. Shoes I can probably go easy on, I have a pair of slip-on boots and Dansko clogs that I can probably get away with for a while, but again…the socks. So much harder to put on than shoes! Better hope Cameron will not be working many mornings from here on out.

We have our 30-week appointment tomorrow and I am having major meltdowns. Not about the appointment–but about the fact that we are down to 10 weeks out. The last two nights have been breakdown city at our house and I am ALL over the place. Poor Cameron. I suppose a lot of it boils down to the fact that I like to be prepared for EVERYTHING. I was cool as a cucumber for our wedding last year because I literally had backup plans for the backup plans and every single detail was good to go, and the day was stress-free and pretty much perfect (except for the caterers slicing and serving our cake topper, but that’s a story for a different time). When it comes to a baby, though, there’s not much I can actually plan for. Sure I can have the crib and the clothes and all the “stuff”, but the actual having of the baby and bringing it home is not easy (impossible really) to plan for (my brain just sees all these contingencies and what-ifs), and it’s giving me major comfort issues. I am hoping that when we have our first childbirth class in about 2 weeks will ease my mind a little bit because I am one seriously crazy roller coaster right now. It’s to the point that I’m not even ON the roller coaster….I AM the roller coaster.

As far as being 30 weeks along goes, I do feel pretty good, despite my crazy rant during my last post. I think I found a method of dealing with the heartburn, which has really helped the last night. Right before bed I down a glass of milk and take 2 or 3 Tums. Dunno if it’s a fluke or a coincidence or it’s actually working, but the last 2 nights I’ve gone straight to sleep and haven’t had any midnight heartburn. Caroline is a crazy mover, and likes to roll from side to side and make my belly super lopsided. Usually when she does this it’s kind of uncomfortable, so I’m not sure if these movements are also being accompanied by braxton hicks contractions. My whole digestive region is having a field day lately with some lovely side effects I won’t go into, but let’s just say for once Cameron is the one getting smoked out of the bed. 😛 I can’t eat a whole lot in one sitting without getting uncomfortably full, which is a bummer because I like food. Oh well, all in good time.

I mentioned in my last post that Cameron’s dad had a heart attack followed up by some pretty serious post-surgery complications. I’m happy to say that yesterday he was removed from sedation and is now conscious and even was walking this morning. He still has a super long road to recovery ahead of him, but he’s a fighter and I think he’ll bounce back from this just fine. Oh, have you seen that video floating around the net of the guy waking up from anesthesia who can’t believe his wife is really his wife? Apparently Cameron’s dad came out of sedation thinking he was back in Vietnam again. Sounds scary to me, and personally I think it would be hard to deal with wrapping my head around the fact that I thought I was going to be “out” for a couple of hours only to find that it’s in fact been several days. But he seems to be doing much better now. Cameron and his brothers are planning to go out to visit him, probably in rotation so he is not overwhelmed, once he gets out of the hospital. I was supposed to go on a trip to Santa Fe next weekend, but that is kind of up in the air right now depending on when Cameron goes to North Carolina since I don’t want us both to be gone to different locations (it could be an ideal situation really but we’d have to figure out what to do with the animals at pretty late notice, since my parents are going to be in Santa Fe too.) So I’m hoping to be able to go, but there are priorities that come way before this trip and it might just have to wait. I’d go with him out to North Carolina but frankly we can’t really afford it since it’s so last minute, and I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to be so far away from home now that we are at 30 weeks.

Also, I ought to be cheerful because it is FINALLY FOOTBALL SEASON! Woot woot! Thanks to Peyton Manning’s superman performance last week, I managed to kick butt in one of my fantasy leagues and have my butt kicked in the other league (my opponent was playing both Peyton AND Wes Welker, bad combo for me). All good fun though, and frankly I am just glad that it’s finally that time of year when Cameron gets to take off Sundays so we can have “Sunday Funday” and watch football all day long. Oh–last week my mom gave us a gift set of Broncos paraphernalia for Caroline that came with a binkie, a bottle, and a bib. Mom said “the first picture taken of her better be with that binkie in her mouth so I can put it on my Facebook.”

Sorry Chiefs fans….actually no I’m not 😀